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Re: Ipod Mini Won't Charge

Seriously I'm not a real Ipod fan i know i might be in the wrong thread, but i have a phillips gogear mp3 player and i never had problems with it! I am so happy i did not choose an Ipod 4 years ago - cuz my friend did and she had a new one in between and this one is again already broken ....

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That exact thing happend to me!!!!!!
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Re: Ipod Mini Won't Charge

SO happy to find this. YES, it wouldn't charge and I turned it OFF, then ON, then held the PLAY (top of the circle) and the select (Middle of circle) for about 10 seconds and the Apple appeared, and it started charging again. We are back in business!!! Thank goodness. I have had this almost 4 years and it never had to be reset. I hear perhaps radioshack can replace the internal battery too??
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Re: Ipod Mini Won't Charge

I can't believe i've not used this forum before!!!!
I've reset my ipod as explained and guess wot
It works.
I wish i'd read this article before (i threw 1 ipod away cos i thought it was knackered!!!)

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mine wont do nothing i do the menue button and center buttons and all i get is a battery icon on screen. i plug it into my pc itunes pick it up for a bit and then it disapears like my pc cant register it. please help. im being aqs specific as i can ive read a lot of posts about people just reseting it and it works for them but its not the case for me. it doesnt reset i just get a battery icon on the screen so obviously its not doing what its suppose to do it wont show up on my computer any more at all now. one time i got a corrupy ipod message.

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no if it shows the battery and the triangle crap just plug it in and wait for a while it will eventually charge i have a ipod mini and it happens

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My mini, will charge on my wall charger, but is not being recognized by my computer and when I plug it in to the computer USB, it shows the charger frozen halfway.

I want to access my music and change some of it but I can't get it to appear in itunes at all.

Plus I have tried the magic reset trick at least a dozen times and nothing....does the ipod have to have some battery charge to do this?

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hi! i have an 8 gig ipod, and just flips on and off by itself till it kills the battery. pluging it in my computer results in ipod shown for a few secs and then the ipod restarts itself thus disappearing from my pc. tried the reset thing - nothing. it flips off, then on, and i can acces some music from it, but then it just restarts again.

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Ipod Mini Won't Charge

If your iPod Mini won't charge here's how to fix that problem. It may needed a reset.

On your ipod mini, toggle the hold button (turn it on and then turn it off), then hold the Menu and the select button (top part of the click wheel and the center button) for about 10 seconds. The Apple logo should appear and your ipod will start charging.

This worked for me and I appreciate all the help from others!

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well my ipod hasnt charged for about 24 hours. and its fully dead? what should i do?

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I have a mini and also a classic 80gb and neither will charge from any of my car chargers, but they will charge from a home charger or usb. I have tried resetting, but that doesn't work. I even restored the mini back to original and still nothing.

Any ideas?


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said by Need BB:

Well the battery went dead and they i plugged it into the charger but it won't charge. Am I doing something wrong? This is my 2nd one with the same problem!
this is what haapend my ipod when through the washer 1once and it worked sever days later my ipod gets put through the washer again this time my ipiod wont show the little flashing green light on top the little green thing under the swich glows but i dont know what is does is it power or a glow paper thing also my computer wouldnt reconize it it like wouldnt see it after that i have a charger that goes in the wall that didnt work eather i have sever theros 1. the battertys dead charger chord is broke ipod broke!!!!! PLEASE HELP EMAIL ME AT put the subject as ipod help if i do not reply in more that a week email me at please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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You might have lost the battery.. check for the new one,..

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I fixed mine by doing a system restore through itunes.
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