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reply to jett

Re: low snr

said by jett:

Attainable line rate : 1140 kbit/sec
Attainable Atm rate : 864 kbit/sec
Used line rate : 1112 kbit/sec
Fast used Atm rate : 0 kbit/sec
Interleaved used Atm rate : 864 kbits/sec
Rel. capacity occupation : 98
Noise Margin : 5 dB
Line attenuation : 61 dB
Output Power : 15 dBm

better then me :\ you think someone fooked with my line card ? and if i cancel my dsl and wait a week and then subscribe to sympatico it would improve anything ? (with igs now) my service with sympatico was 100% maxed out 1mbit
igs was 100% 1mbit until about 8 months ago
Have you asked Bell how far you are away from your CO? Have you tried to see if they will come and check your line? Have you tried connected your modem to your demarc bypassing your house lines? These steps are important, you don't want a Bell guy coming to your house to say the problem is inside your house.. Any work they do inside which requires them to use a screw driver will cost you $85 per hour, minium 3 hours!



Kitchener, ON
guy was here once when this crap started happening.. tested and said it was 5.9km or somthing and left... even tho i swear i saw 4.8 on the device he used... maybe i'll call symaptico and ask them about it.. do they have teir 2 or 3 in sales ? lol

3 yes my modem is conected to the dmark... since i am with igs not sympatico.. its seems bellnexia shoots down my trouble reports from my isp saying my line is to long and i can love it or leave it