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reply to Talon88

Re: [Info] Some Clue about DI-624 Reboot

A properly configured router WILL NOT reboot.


Rosedale, NY
hmm, I've had problems even with the channel set. I've noticed this by the way about channel selection.

I tried setting the channel 1 and Super-G no turbo. After doing this, I noticed it was difficult to connect to even though I was getting a strong signal. I don't really know how to explain this phenomenon. When I finally got a signal I noticed the connection lagged considerably. It seems that my router at least had more problems on low channels than high ones.

Using auto for channel selection btw I eventually ended up at 5, 9, or 11.

There are no routers around me using channel 1, but there are two using channel 11.

The same problem did not reoccur with channel 11.


Atlanta, GA
reply to ANoni
said by ANoni:

A properly configured router WILL NOT reboot.
Well THAT'S a relief. Please tell us the proper configuration so we can all put this issue behind us.