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Surrey, BC
reply to tlhIngan

Re: BT slowdowns in Greater Vancouver?

just 2 very wierd facts I've figured out..

my eMule .44d performance sucks, since Oct 28th, same as many people did complain, very bad unstable upload.
i am in Surrey.

1) I spoke to a friend of mine who lives 500m (five hundred meters!) away from me, and he said HE's HAD NO PROBLEMS with Shaw whatsoever (!!!) .. how come. he uses eMule too, and said his speeds are high as skies.. this is wierd...

2) I tried Azureus two days ago (never used before), and immediately got 160kbsec down and 40up... which is, I think, good... at least much better then expected!
this is also wierd ...

if we speak about throttling BT, then why BT works for me fine and eMule is so crappy????

anyone, any ideas to share?


Surrey, BC
by the way? where're all the people who had problems with BT and eMule??



Richmond, BC
I'm using DC++ in Richmond and there is no problem with speeds. Upload and download both seem fine.


im still downloading super slow....i waited 4 days to finish a torrent, downloading at 15k/s even at night. So theres not solution to this problem right now? This is really piss me off


reply to will2k
Everything excellent, went over 50gb again this month, pissing myself, hoping not to find the power light blinking when I come home. It's really scary...

BT speeds: excellent
eMule: Still CRAP. 0.5~4kbps Ul MAX, download, are also slowed down by a far bit 15~20kbps


which area in u in?? i live around boardway and nanaimo, near Vantech secondary school


Surrey, BC
can anyone explain why eMule is slow, while BT is fine?


Beverly Hills, CA
reply to will2k
BT is not fine for me, i'm on extreme and its as slow as ever, i'm d/l a file with 71 seeds right now and its trickling in fluctuating between 0-34 kbs.

analog andy

Surrey, BC
reply to will2k
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BT Surrey
Hmm Im in Surrey and have no problems with BT although I dont use it much.

analog andy

Surrey, BC
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Ok now it flactuates at about 350-400 Should also add that when the DL starts it does go pretty slow then just jumps up to a higher speed.

reply to will2k
This thread is becoming a MONSTER! Perhaps it needs to be broken into smaller segments to follow if you are under the watchful eye of the evil Ellacoya. (that'll be up to the moderator of course. Perhaps a Post-it at the top of the forum to use one of the following area numbers to define your issues within this thread )
There are seven head ends in the GVRD area so that makes for a possiblity of some areas having it and others not having it.
Area #1 City of Vancouver, UBC (excluding south Granville)
Area #2 Burnaby, SFU
Area #3 Tri-Cities, Belcarra, Haney, Maple Ridge, Mission
Area #4 Surrey, Langleys, New Westminister, White Rock
Area #5 Richmond, City of Vancouver South Granville
Area #6 Abbotsford, Chilliwack , Agasizz
Area #7 North & West Vancouver, North Van. City

Oooops I forgot one! -Area #51 Where $haw's H.Q. is... no subscribers at this one, however there are a lot of strange characters meandering around there bathed in a strange green light chanting "must sell $haw products,must sell $haw products...". lol

Lets Get Boincing Already
Premium,MVM,ExMod 2004-06
Salmon Arm, BC
That's a good spot to end this thread and start another. This thread is getting a wee bit big.
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