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first hop unstable

normally i get ~15ms ping time to my first hop, but yesterday, out of the blue (i wasn't tweaking anything, didn't install anything, didn't even reboot) my first hop ping times started shooting up to 300ms and 800ms... all over the place. they'll stay at 15ms for a number of hops, then shoot up into the hundreds for a few, then back to 15ms.

i switched my modem to usb instead of my NIC, unplugged and uninstalled the NIC and reinstalled the usb, reinstalled the usb and modem drivers, and cycled it (speedstream 5200 - the all black one), and i even formatted my winXP pro machine, and it's still doing it.

tech support said the line looked fine from there end, so there was nothing they could do about it.

i haven't done any network tweaking out of the ordinary (and it was doing this before and after a fresh install of windows).. i just can't figure out what it could be...

any help would be great.



Its probably nothing on your end. There is a widespread problem with Bell. See this thread:
»Anyone having speed problems from 5pm - 12?