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DLink 504T and Carrier Sense Errors xxxxxxxx

What exactly means this point in status\network statistic\ethernet? Is this very dangerous when there is e.q. a few milion errors for 1 or 2 days? And what this error makes really wrong (I don't know, muaybe it makes slower transfer or something)? Is this to important to fix it for all cost or leave it when my network works just fine? I have 5 comps in network and I think that there's all ok but I have Carrier Sense Errors 3223801 and I don't know what to do.



i have the same router and same problem,i toam unsurewhat these errors are.i have tried 1 pc at a time and each timelogging ontoo the router to find thesameerrors on each connection,i have also tried removing 1 pc at a time and still these errors continue to count up.
did you find a solution? if so i would be greatfull for it.