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Comfortably Numb
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Denver, CO

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Posting Guidelines

Just a reminder of some of the basic rules in this forum:

  • All site general rules and policies are in effect.

  • Run of the mill spam or 419 scams should not be posted here. Take a look at the forum links to find ways of stopping and reporting spam.

  • Instead of posting the latest phishing email you may have received, use the Phish Tracker to report and track phishing. Note: 419 Scams, while very deceptive, are not considered phishing.

  • Search the forum before posting a new scam...many versions of the same scams are making the rounds, so do a little research to make sure it is something new.

  • Flaming scam victims is not permitted under any circumstance. People do fall victim, and even though it may be obvious to you that a particular email is a phish or a scam, it may not be so obvious to others. Posts that are critical or insulting of a victim will be removed.

  • Unsubstantiated allegations of wrong doing are not permitted. If a company or person is suspected of being a scammer, post the evidence and let it speak for itself. If you don't have evidence but just a hunch, it's OK to ask questions to see if someone has additional info, but to come out and accuse someone without the facts is not OK.

  • Links or signatures of a commercial nature are generally prohibited. See »www2.dslreports.com/faq/6498 . Generally, a URL can be posted once as part of an inquiry into a scam (ala is this site a scam?) but further posts of the same URL will be deleted as spam.

  • In the course of chasing down a spammer/scammer it is permitted to post publicly available personal or business information (such as domain information) but information that cannot be tied directly to the spammer/scammer may be removed at the forum moderator's discretion. When posting such information, the tie to the scammer/spammer must be clearly made.