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Germantown, OH
reply to air23cary

Re: [DIRECTV] directv picture not as clear as dish

Very few people ever seem to notice a difference between Dish and DirecTV unless something else is wrong. They're so close that the naked eye can't tell....

I'm not sure that Dish has more satellite capacity than DirecTV either. If they do, I'm sure it's temporary and soon DirecTV will have more, then Dish will get more, and they'll continue going back and forth.

For a non-HD setup, yes, S-Video is the best connection (vs composite and RF). I would NEVER suggest that anyone buy Monster Cables for any reason. It's your money though... Will Monster Cables make a difference. I don't believe they will. Try different S-Video cables, low-cost ones, to see if maybe you've got a bad one.


Buford, GA
I haven't even seen DISH in two years, but I can see how crappy DirecTV looks compared to two years ago when I first got it. Its called over-compressing the signal.

Red Dawn

I had Dish when I was living with my ex-girl, then once getting my house, switched to DTV for NFL Sunday Ticket. On how everything was setup, DTV looked just as good, but looked even better when buying a monster s-video cable. You would think that any cable would do, but in fact, you do want to invest money into a name brand such as Monster Cable. After having the cable installed and letting it "burn" in for roughly 10 hours, as suggested, the picture is outstanding, no "ghosting" as you sometimes get with s-video, and the colors are brilliant.