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North York, ON

File uploads(Mail Attachments) take forever

Hi Gurus,
I am using optimumonline and recentl I installed Motorola WR850 wireless modem. Whenever I try to add an attachment to my mail it takes forever, I tried using Yahoo,Hotmail,Gmail for sending an attachment of 5 MB file which takes forever and my machine hangs taking all resources I need to kill the process. When i checked the speed it is perfectly fine, here is the readings from two diffrent days
2004-12-25 02:35:41 EST: 4533 / 888
Your download speed : 4642414 bps, or 4533 kbps.
A 566.7 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 909779 bps, or 888 kbps.
2005-01-02 22:35:49 EST: 9054 / 910
Your download speed : 9271321 bps, or 9054 kbps.
A 1131.7 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 932100 bps, or 910 kbps.

I think there must be some setting in the wireless router (Motorola WR850) for uploads which I am missing. As I am new to networking and routers I am unable to solve this problem. If you guys can help it will be great as I am unable to attach any attachments to my mail. Thanking you guys in advance.


Seattle Head


Your post seems kind of vague but I will try to help...
If I understand you correctly you are trying to attach a file to an email made from an internet site like Yahoo or hotmail. I have had symptoms like yours before while using wireless and I don't think it has anything to do with your modem. I was using a Linksys 802.11G router and would have to wait 5 - 10 minutes as the entire system seemed to freeze while using a high upload bandwidth requiring application.

One of the flaws with windows and maybe the PC in general is that any slow transmissions will slow down you computer. You may have noticed when you first upgraded from dialup that your computer was running faster. That is because you processor has specific timing and will wait while it tries to access information. I am not sure that there is any work around other then avoiding a bandwidth bottle necks.

Wireless is still a developing technology and I would test to make sure the wireless access is the bottleneck by plugging the computer directly into the back of the modem's ethernet jack. This will also test you modem to see if it is working the way it should. If you are connected directly to the modem and still have trouble uploading files then either the modem is not working correctly or your internet service provider is not giving you enough upload bandwidth (cable is notorious for not their customers much upload bandwidth) You may have to call them , but I would try that and post the results.

Waldwick, NJ
·Optimum Online
·Verizon FiOS
reply to arshadmd

Can you clarify where it "hangs" in the process. Is it when you add the attachment to your email or when you send the email with the attachment?

I know for me, and it's been this way for as long as I can remember, adding an attachment for the first time since I boot (and I'm on a notebook moving between work and home so I'm always shutting down) takes a while. Once I've done one attachment, the others seem to happen immediately.
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Long Island
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reply to arshadmd

Just to throw in possibly other suggestions...

I had a bad router once that would take FOREVER to upload attachments. 5mb would take 20 minutes, if it even worked. I tried power cycling the router, re-flashing the firmware, and long story short, the router was bad.

Do you have Norton running?

These may not be solutions to your problem, but they are problems I experienced with an extremely slow upload.


North York, ON
reply to arshadmd

Hi Everybody,

Thanks for valuable suggestions, I was kind of away from home so didnt get a chance to check the responses. After trying few things I am able to add attachments to my mail. I guess there was some kind of spyware in my machine and after running a full scan of ad-aware and cleaning the machine I was able to add attachments to my mail.
Once again thanks a lot for your responses.