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Colton, CA

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reply to ylen131

Re: 5 Dynamic IP(s) - what this means?

hook up your modem to a switch and you can "sign-in" using the PPPoE software on each computer directly connected to that switch (which is connected to the modem).

Each computer would have its own static IP.

And a router connected to that switch could serve other users behind it via DHCP and NAT.

Here is a ROUGH diagram. I'm not good at text art.
                                  l-->computer 1
l-->computer 2
-->asdl modem -->Switch (not hub)-l-->computer 3
l-->computer 4 /-->computer 5
l-->router-----l-->computer 6
\-->computer 7

There you go!
You're using all five IP addys. The drawback I see is that your LAN isn't so simple to set-up. The computers directly connected to the modem (via switch) would see the router and not the computers behind the router.

A lot of routers, like mine for example, let me assign a PPPoE sign-in to a MAC address.

But I don't think most linksys, netgear etc. routers do this.