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Escondido, CA
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Re: WoW for complete MMORPG beginners

said by windowseat:

Just a piece of advice.
And a very BAD piece at that....
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Middletown, PA
·T-Mobile US
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Re: WoW for complete MMORPG beginners

Some things I learned too that may help. I learned these lessons the "hard" way from mostly playing casual/solo. Not being in guilds for instances caused some mistakes.

1.) CC (Crowd Control) - If you join a PUG (pick-up group) for running an instance and you have some CC abilities as a Hunter or Mage, but there is another Hunter/Mage in the group, sometimes its better to let them CC if they seem to know what they are doing and you are still learning the concept. It can be counterproductive to run.

ESPECIALLY Warlocks. Warlocks have some powerful Fear abilities, but just because mobs can be "feared" does not green light you to do so...because 9 times out of 10 fearing that one guy away from your healer will make them run to a mob not yet pulled and create an add. Its bad. And you get cussed out.

2.) Talent specs - If you dont understand what talents really benefit and what doesnt yet, its not a bad idea to check common specs from Thottbot and other sources. Yes you may get accused of being "cookie cutter" copy, but in most cases, these specs are there because they work. And copying spec talent layouts can help teach what you need.

There are also two types of specs. Some that are for leveling purposes to help you solo/level others for end game raiding. A level spec of talents will not aid you past a certain point so after level 55 or so, look to respec based on how common end game specs are layed out in posts,etc.

These 2 things helped me out tons. In my opinion anyway.


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I wonder how much Cat will change this info.


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The leveling experience in Cata, especially from 1-10 has been almost completely altered. I believe it should be much easier for new players, but I have to try it out for myself by opening a new alt. I am just hoping Blizz will help out new players by advice, etc. once they reach level cap.

My YOLO has so much SWAG

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My mom and sister Flame me more than u guys for playing the game at all! HAHAHAHAH

yea i does suck to have ur fun and not share it. and it also sucks when the other person is a faceroller at the game lol


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Bring friends (or have an irl friend playing it already). It SUCKS to play this game alone. Maybe not when vanilla was out, but if you start playing it alone, there is no way you won't be insulted and told off for atleast a couple of months.
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Re: WoW for complete MMORPG beginners

that is useful. nice job justin !



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