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Re: WoW for complete MMORPG beginners

I am totally new, just loaded the game, played for about an hour a couple of nights ago.

I am completely disappointed if this is what it is. I cannot move my player except with the arrows. Please tell me that I can use the pointer to go to a spot on the map?

Thanks for your hints...like you, I want to play and not read a manual...I need all the help I can get.


Charlotte, NC
said by Jehoida :

I am totally new, just loaded the game, played for about an hour a couple of nights ago.

I am completely disappointed if this is what it is. I cannot move my player except with the arrows. Please tell me that I can use the pointer to go to a spot on the map?

Thanks for your hints...like you, I want to play and not read a manual...I need all the help I can get.

Omg. I hate moving by clicking but there is an option to do it that way I believe. At work and can't look it up but when in game, Press Esc to bring up the game menu, then go to Interface. Somewhere in there I believe is an option so you can click to move.

Sorry I can't be more specific but I'm blocked from 99% of the internet here.


You can click the right and left mouse buttons together to move...this is by default.


Middletown, PA
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Obvious question not to be snarky...but..why cant you use the W S A D keys for movement?
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Re: WoW for complete MMORPG beginners

Thank you for this thread. I'm very late to the party but caught a horrible bug and was home for a couple of days so tried the WoW free trial...and bought it the following day. Loving it. You've answered a couple of burning questions I had. I have yet to do any instances so I imagine I'll come up with more. Just wanted to let you know that this five and a half year old thread is still doing some good.


OMG, 6 years and still.... going stong,... this is a class act thread... thanks a bunch to the author,.. (R.I.P. if you are not around anymore) :-P


Babbitt, MN
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Earning gold and not Begging in /2 should be Very Very high on your list of beginning WoW. At level one you can get the herbing profession but waiting till about level 5 might be best. As you quest you can pick herbs. When you have 20 [which is the max you can have in one bag slot for herbs is called a stack though some things can only reach 5 or 10 per stack] take them to the AH [auction house] and shift click the item to be sold and hit search. Look at the first stack of 20 to see what the lowest buy price is for that herb. Hover over the icon on the left to see what each piece is selling for in that stack. Now look at the single herb sales [yes some sell singles for those that want only a few for matts [materials to use to make something]. If the single price is far below what the stacks are selling for [stack divided by total price to come up with per herb price which the hover tells you] then adjust your price to be just below that. So herb X is selling for 20 gold a stack or one gold each. Now if some peeps are selling singles for 50 silver each your 1 gold each may not sell real fast. On the other hand more advanced players with tons of gold will go for the stack of 20 at one gold each instead of clicking 20 separate buys. Saves em time in the mail pick up as well not having to click 20 different mailings. Mail?.. you can use the mail to store stuff as well. If the lowest price for a stack is at 20 gold sell yours for 19 gold to sell quick. Some greedy people will undercut for a copper or a silver. I say have some balls and do a more substantial undercut. You'll have a much quicker sale. Your first herbs will not sell for much but most realms will be around 1 to 4 gold a stack for starter herbs. Pretty good jing for a new toon [sorta]. You should have more than one toon [character]. This way you can mail stuff to that alt [alternative] of yours to have him hold stuff. The mail sits in his mailbox for 30 days then automatically gets sent back to your box where it sits for another 30 days. Just a way to keep stuff without filling up your bank. As mentioned before there are color coded things like gear and weapons etc. All grey worded items are junk and Worthless known in WoW as Vendor Trash. Sell all grey items. White items except for a very very few are worthless as well.

In Game Whispers from hacker spammer dingle berry chewers: A Blizzard Employee will Never send you a Whisper. If they ever contact you in game it will come in the form the hackers can't duplicate. It'll start in the chat window and look like no other chat with Blizz blue icon. click that and it will open a chat window that will have the Blue Blizzard logo and be in the upper area of your screen on the left. From hackers you'll see things like "system scan to your account" followed by more stupid things telling you you've done something wrong so you have to go to their hacker.com web site and give all your game data and password [they don't speak English well and it comes out as gamers call it "Engrish"]. Don't fall for it and Yes many unedjamkated players fall for it. Right click the users name and select Report Spam... do that in the main chat windows of /1 and /2 as well when you see hackerdingleberrychewingdotcom ads for gold buying. Doing that removes them from your screen making it so you don't see them again.
Type /1 in a chat window which puts your chat out to only those in the city you are in. When outside of a city use /1 as well and the same thing happens, only those in your area will see your chat. When not in a city you can only use /1 not /2. Type /2 to send your chats to every main city and this one can be used only when in a city. You can use /say or /yell to put out chat to a smaller area than the ones above as well. type /dance and you'll dance. type /silly and you'll tell a joke though only those in your group will here that. click on a toon and type /smack and those around you will see "[your toons name] smacks [name of your target] upside the head. There are many many more which you'll learn along the way.
Shift clicking a players name will tell you where they are, how many are in their group if they are grouped, their level and what guild they are in if they are in one.
Buying gold............... NO............... You buy some gold [from hacker websites ... Blizz catches you and you lose your account.. fun right?.... many lazy loser players buy gold on line. They get the gold in game which by the way was stolen from a hacked WoW account there by perpetuating account hacking's and promoting thieves and losers to roam our game making a mess of things. They also use rooms full of teeny boppers farming WoW. Instead of playing the game they sit for hours and hours farming herbs and ore and selling in the AH so they have gold to sell to the losers that buy gold from hackerdotcom. Don't Buy Gold online... only losers do that. These gold selling hacker losers will also send you a whisper or in game mail telling you that you won a pet or some other nonsense, again don't fall for it. You'll see in /2 that some is selling the Rocket flying mount... Bull... you can't buy it in game. Along with learning the game there are many things you need to learn to keep from being scammed. Another common tactic is the Engrish speakers will ask you for a few silver to "buy a bag".... More bull S*&^. They use the silver/gold to send in game mail concerning their hacker schemes. Don't give beggars gold and don't beg for gold,,, it is frowned on. K done for now go get em...


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i am a beginner of playing games and the most popular game i have ever heard is WOW.
i do learn so many thing from this forum.
so i want to say thank you .
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Odenville, AL
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Re: WoW for complete MMORPG beginners

i am just wow beginner.
Do not understand the games detailes clearly.
but it is very excited to kill the boss in the wow.
I cannt live without wow.
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Re: WoW for complete MMORPG beginners

It's very pity , it's too late too see this post.The instruction manual - you recommend everyone,particular the beginner to read is very useful.thank you very much
With the time flight,I'm still hope we can connected to each other in the games!
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