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Re: WoW for complete MMORPG beginners

24. The instruction manual doesnt really tell you that much despite how thick it is. If you have questions, ask a friend if they are playing or even ask in the general chat channel

* hit enter
* type: /1. my question goes here

25. Cosmos - a user interface that will give you more buttons on screen (helpful later on) and lets you use map co-ordinates!! Map co-ordinates are very helpful when trying to find a particular quest.

26. - a site that has extensive info on quests, NPC's (non-playable characters) and ITEMS. Stuck on a quest? This is a good place to go. It may even have map co-ordinates you can use with cosmos.

27. Macros. Macros automate some tasks with a simple button click like feed a pet or autocast health spells when your about to die. Check the official wow forum for macros others have made that you can use.

-- marketing forums!

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yeah the instruction manual - i recommend everyone reads the glossary first, that explains what 'mob', 'add', 'aggro' etc all mean. That is the most useful part for beginners.

As for help online: alt-tab out (wow is happily almost issue free with switching in and out) and use google 'warcraft x y z' where x y or z are the NPC name, town name, item name, and you will end up at a page on thottbot (which can be a slow site so view the cached copy) or another database type site. thottbot info was collected in-game by an addon of some kind. It is brutally accurate and comprehensive. I think it is a giant spoiler and it is kind of a shame blizzard created the API which made it possible, but that is just my opinion.

If someone whispers you, use /r to reply.. no need to type their name.

You can inspect any player's gear (but not their stats) by standing near them and using the menu on their portrait.

Also quests.

Quests fall into the following types:

1. Kill X of Y mob [..and X of Y other mob],...

2. Go see NPC person X [carrying this item]

3. bring me X items (which are dropped by killing Y mob with some degree of rarity)

4. Go take X item and 'operate' it on Y object (which involves killing lots of mobs to get to Y object) in order to get object Z, or cause it to blow up, or cause it to vanish.

5. Go take X item and feed it to Y NPC (usually Y NPC turns into a raging monster, or dies, or does something else)

6. Escort person X wherever they want to go, don't let them die. (usually person X will engage in every fight he finds along the way).

That covers about 1950 of the 2000+ quests. There are a few other interesting harder to categorize ones. For horde, the "tubers" quest is more unique. It involves letting a truffle pig out of a cage, ordering it to sniff with a wand, and collecting the tubers it finds.