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reply to Dustyn

Re: Avatars - Bigger

Yes...i'm all for the 50x50 avatars !

Please approve this..:+)

Ontario, CAN

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reply to Pacrat
I guess I'm just going to have to wait and see if Justin wants any part in the discussion. Until then, I have no one I need to convince in all honesty? I mean?.. Justin is the owner, MOD or whatever? I don't know what kind of position this would put Justin in (other than what you referenced to), but if it puts him into some kind of difficult "situation", I'd like to hear about it if possible?

So far, I'm guessing he doesn't want to explain his take on the avatars based on all the previous threads in the past that he's exhausted talking about. That and he just doesn't want any kind of change to happen unless he himself believes it would benefit the site.

I just can't see a negative. I'm not blind to this situation, I've looked over all the arguments and they just don't cut it? *I'm only being honest?*

So far, I have yet to hear from J... but I understand his "position" and realize he probably doesn't want to be involved.

It's a shame.
I only wanted to bring a new positive change to the site and thought this would be a nice way to reward it's members.

How much am I really asking for a new 60x60 avatar?
What is it you're having to bend too much that you fear one day may snap?
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The Wire
Vancouver, BC
i understand how you feel.

The management is so unwilling to compromise sometimes. I remember asking for short trial periods for new features just so that we (users and management) could see how the feature will truly work-out for the site. Anyone can assume how it'll turn out, but if no harm can come from it, why not give it a shot? I mean, something so harmless as this can't cause that much of a problem in a short amount of time for the site, could it?

I doubt justin will post, one of his minions will probably speak for him .

Fairfax, VA
reply to Dustyn
I would definitely sign on to a 50x50 or 60x60..any more than that gets iffy.

Resolutions are generally increasing, and I think most forum software has reacted to that....vbulletin and phpbb both set default sizes much larger than the 50x50 I would like to see.
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reply to Pacrat
said by Pacrat:

said by Steele:
...I can almost bet you that this issue will just keep being brought up over and over until the motion is finally passed.
Nearly every argument for larger avatars has been brought up since Justin declared them all to be 40x40. Unless you can find some other loophole to bring to light, I wouldn't count on the "motion", as you put it, ever passing. And you are not the one who needs to be "convinced" by any one... you're the one that has to do the convincing. You're "asking" that Justin totally reverse his position... a position that was very unpopular when it was made, but a postion that he maintained through all the bickering, threats, and turmoil that arose when it was first implemented.

I'm not against bigger avatars, I'm against dredging up the same old stale arguments to try to persuade Justin to change something that he instituted. Avatars used to be larger... Justin made them smaller. Do you honestly think he's going to relent at this point. I'll try to find one of the more provocative threads from that last uproar... seems to me it ran pages and pages... and we still have 40x40 avatars.

edited to add: »[request] Larger Avatars

I certainly don't know Justin personally, so I can't say for certain that he won't "relent" at this or some other point. If I was a betting man, my money would be on that we will always have 40x40 avatars, but who knows. If you read nil See Profile's last post in the thread you linked, she said that the issue may be addressed in the future...what's one to think? If there's not a snowball chance in hell of ever having "any" type of change to the current avatar requirements, perhaps someone in the know should just say that and put these requests to rest. Until then, I support any member's right to ask for changes to the current avatar requirements.
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Anticipate Nothing...Expect Everything