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Seattle, WA
reply to Dustyn

Re: Avatars - Bigger


50x50 wouldn't kill anyone. 40x40 is, by far, the smallest limit I've ever seen. Most places are at least 50, with an average of 75.

Also *sign* for the larger file size.

fatness See Profile, I also disagree that it would look "crummy." For those non-premium users who can't use the "I see people" feature, there is no possibility whatsoever that a 50x50 (or a 60x60 for that matter) avatar would widen the margins anymore than happens currently due to people's usernames and other sidebar info.

As for those premium users who do change their settings, they can easily disable avatars. As a matter of fact, I might suggest an additional switch for the "I see people" setup that allows a premium user to resize all avatars to their desire (up or down).
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