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reply to Dustyn

Re: Avatars - Bigger

said by Dustyn:

":/bquote] INTENS1 See ProfileI may not agree, but I see your point/opinion fatness See Profile...in the posts above, there's been a lot of references to increasing the file size only...not the width x height. Any possibility there?

Sorry my browser is messing up auto-quote

I am not opposed to larger file sizes?
But I can't deny the real fact that I have no use for this request at the moment. I can achieve a decent quality avatar at 60x60 without the need for larger file sizes. I'm also not a premium user... so maybe this request is justified by those who have flashy animations. I am simply not one of those users requesting this.

I am simply requesting a larger dimension size for a plain non-animated avatar. Maybe you can persuade me in how it would be useful. No... correction persuade me in how it WILL be useful.
You are correct in saying that an increase in file size will not help you in what you are asking for. However, threads asking for an increase in anything regarding an avatar, sometimes just take on a life of their own. With that said, I apologize for not staying on the request as posted...my bad. In case you're interested, here's a different crop on your current avatar...if not, I apologize again.
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No problem.
Yup, as you can see file size does not help me.
But that should not stop anyone from creating a new motion (new thread) for larger file sizes. It would be nice to keep it separated from this post so the votes don't get confusing. However, thanks for showing me the updated crop on the file size issue.
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