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Ontario, CAN

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Re: Avatars - Bigger

fatness See Profile
Uploads were limited then to 40x40, and I talked to Justin a great deal about the possibility of larger avatars. His conclusion was that it would just not work with the "I See People" feature.
That's the history of it that I know.
Okay. The "I See People" thing I don't know or use. I'm a member. I'm not a premium member so this does not affect me nor can I comment on that part of your argument that you've brought up a couple times now. I wish I could but, I can't. Justin may very well have his own reasons... but I don't get them.

But then again, it's not really all that surprising now is it? Of course he said no. I wouldn't expect him to say yes? That should not discourage anyone from continuing to post their own viewpoints on the subject.

REGARDLESS if you vote for this new motion of mine or not. Post what you think. That's what this thread is all about!
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