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Stabbity Death

Lincoln, NE
reply to justin

Re: WoW for complete MMORPG beginners

said by justin:

when you shift click an item to spam it to /2 Trade, do you see the green link? inserting details works ok for me, but when I see my own chat line, it doesn't come up as linkable object.
Er, I think the link color actually matches the 'rarity value' of the object... white/grey for common, green for uncommon, blue for rare items, and purple for epic. All items are color-coded in this way. Auctioning green items in the AH can be hit-or miss depending on server economy. All pretty good advice... although you didn't include much on professions.

It's best to start on them early, as alot of the early receipies require drops that become alot more rare at higher levels, as the loot gets 'upgraded' for higher level monsters (meaning you have to go kill non-xp mobs for a while to gather low-level tradeskill components). So while linen is pretty common from level 5-10 monsters, after 15 or so you start seeing alot more wool instead of linen.

Everyone can learn fishing, cooking and first aid, all three of which are pretty useful skills, and the first two are sometimes involved in quests and/or tradeskills. They're pretty useful to have skilled up, especially for melee classes, which can use food to regenerate health faster and bandges to heal themselves.
- Aqualung

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A lot of people think that fishing has been nerfed to the point of uselessness. At least if you are fishing, you are not minding wasting time. The fish don't sell for much and so their main use is for cooking.

And what I meant with the color thing is: of course if I'm putting something into /2 using shift click, it is usually a green item.. but it doesn't come up as a clickable link in my chat window (or any color at all). But other people when they insert item descriptions, they come up fine.

Potomac, MD
I only fish to feed my pet...the fish really do sell for almost nothing.

There are those fish that are used for alchemy like the oily blackfish...but I'm not sure how much they sell for at the AH.

I dunno....I like to fish IRL so it just stimulates another part of my passion for WoW. I like to take a nice break from trekking over 42154325436 zones for 1 stupid quest...pull out the rod, grab a snack (at my computer desk), and macro away.
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