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Dallas, TX
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Re: WoW for complete MMORPG beginners

I have a question that maybe someone can answer...

Is it better to turn in a quest right away, or can it wait?

For example, say I complete a quest at level 10, but for whatever reason I don't turn it in until level 12. Do I get less experience for turning it in later, even though I completed it 2 levels ago? Or does the 'clock' stop on the quest whenever it was finished and not lose any XP no matter when I turn it in?
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i believe you get the same xp no matter how long you wait to turn it in. Of course if the xp allows you to level up then better use it now to help you in harder quests.


Colorado, US
reply to DoubleT
said by DoubleT:

Is it better to turn in a quest right away, or can it wait?
It is better to turn it in right away due to the fact that the exp reward you get from it is based on your level relative to the quest level (if you get Cosmos UI (»www.cosmosui.org) it will tell you the level of the quest in your quest log).

For instance, I just turned in a level 6 quest on my 53 Shaman, and I got about 8 exp, whereas, if I was level 6, I might've got about 200. (the quest was for some Slumber Sand, to put mobs to sleep for 20 seconds, and I wanted some on my shaman!!)

Same thing applies for discovery/exploration exp. If you go discover a newbie land when you're level 40 or 50, it will give you like 4 exp. But if you were level 2 or 3, it might give you 30 or 40 exp.

This is awesome...I didn't know we had a WoW forum here.
These guys are cool; and by cool, I mean totally sweet.