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Redford, MI
reply to Simmer911

Re: Skype is anything but hype...

I've never bought into the Skype Hype, but feel for many, it is just what they want.

For others, maybe this thread will bring them to here and they can really learn of all the options. I think they've helped make VoIP more mainstream.


Streamwood, IL
reply to vonsen

Re: Skype is nothing but hype...

I have been using VONAGE for 2 years now. SKYPE sounds unreal. It has the best sound period.


reply to Simmer911

Skype may cost more in the long run!

The more I upgrade Skype, the more I get a feeling that it is another AOL, MSN and Yahoo! like service, for example, proprietary protocol that will not work with anyone else unless they get paid one way or the other; a basic feature is outstanding that lure the mass then any added feature requires payment such as SkypeIn and voice mail that otherwise can be free from others. To sum up, the only advantage of using Skype is just like people are having AOL; it is easy to get it working, and the sound quality is excellent.

I have just re-visited »www.freeworlddialup.com/. While FWD is not as old as Internet Phone by VocalTec, it is as old as Microsoft NetMeeting. As they have pulver.Communicator now that like Skype and other instant messenger clients should be easy to setup and use. Most importantly, it is using SIP which is the most common protocol for VoIP so it is compatible with most other related software, hardware and service. Consequently, in the long run, the quality of service should be better, and the price should be lower if not free as users are free to switch between any SIP compatible services, software and/or hardware. Nevertheless, it may not be as user friendly as Skype or AOL for a while.
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