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Just Because
reply to Simmer911

Re: Skype is nothing but hype...

I've got to agree with test99 on this one. Skype has better voice quality than commercial providers, it offers encryption that you can't get elsewhere and it works well behind all but the most rigid firewalls, which you sure can't say about a lot of TA's. There are more active skype users than vonage/lingo/at&t/vp/etc combined. Not to mention that it is indeed free. I was skeptical when I first tried it because of the authors, but after using it for some time, I can only say that it is a fantastic app.

It sounds like you were expecting it to connect to pstn for free and it does not. But I don't see where skype has done anything to mislead about this. You drew an impression or made an assumption about pstn when you saw 'telephony'.. but I think that relates more to your expectations based on using a commercial voip provider before hand. It may not be for you, but skype is a class act.