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reply to Sweet Witch

Re: [Rant] My 2005 Ford Escape Escapade & general

said by Sweet Witch:

It's interesting how easily you're willing to dump the vehicle on someone else, even with the paperwork. If you insist on handing it in, do it at a dealership and just as you're driving off with the new vehicle hand them the paperwork for the 'lemon' and say 'I just found these and thought you should have them'. The dealership will have the ability to get it fixed much better than an individual.

Or sell it at a greatly reduced cost.

Even if you don't keep it, you should probably forward a set of the papers to the city attorney before you sell it. They may have other reports about the dealership and first owners have much more leverage then second owners.

I still may do this but it will definatley be after I trade it in. Maybe a week or so afterward, least they can have the joys I had. Hell, they might even take it back to koetting and have them repair it fully. Who knows, at that point I won't care.

It isn't that I am willing to just dump it off, it actually drives quite nice, and the Front Wheel drive did fantastic in the snow and ice this seasonal year. If it was not for the fact that I cannot pull the key out of the ignition, or the fact the gear selector still moves even when the vehicle is off I would probably keep it. Then again, what other underlying problems are with the vehicle that I have not found yet? That is a question I don't want to pay in the long run to have answered. I would rather cut my losses and come out ahead in the long run.
If you have a topic in the direct forum please reply to it or a post of mine, I get a notification when you do this. My 2005 ford Escape and general dealership experience