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Verona, NJ
reply to David

Re: [Rant] My 2005 Ford Escape Escapade & general

said by David:

I thought about the lemon law, but then again more time wasted for a lost cause. I figure cut the loss
I guess this is for for future reference. I know a little about car dealerships as my cousins own a few.

Lemon Laws vary from state to state. I have used the the Lemon Law in Massachusetts and it worked for me. I think I sent the Lemon Law Letter to a special address for the manufacturer, the dealer, and the "zone" rep. I sent it Fedex so I would have proof that it got there. The zone rep is the interface between the dealer and the manufacturer. In Mass. a Lemon Law letter puts the dealership on a 14 day (I think) timer to either fix the problem your problem, refund your money or replace the car. They don't like to refund your money or replace the car.

i had a squeak in a brand new Jeep. The dealership was non-responsive to say the least. I took it in 3 times and they made no progress. I told the service manager I was going to write a Lemon Law letter and he said "go ahead I don't care".

1 day after I wrote the letter, the zone rep called me up, told me they had to get the car in immediately. A loaner car was provided, no charge. We all went for a test drive. They heard the noise I was complaining about and agreed it needed to be fixed. 2 days latter they fixed it. We went for another test drive and we all agreed it was fixed.

Short, simple, sweet. I guess saying "your mileage may vary" would be too cute.