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Kempton, PA

Prolog / Penn Tella Data .......Any Good.??

Hello any Prolog\Penn Tella Data subscriber in the surrounding area,

Blue Ridge Cable is running new lines down our road and will soon have cable access for me available. Currently I use satellite service that is very costly and VERY bad at that. I was wondering how their service is as of lately?? From reading all the threads here in the review section. From what I understand they have recently upgraded the system. I also have read posts to the effect of blocking certain ports and or P2P programs. Can anyone offer any information at all on this?

Thank you in advance.


Douglassville, PA
I have been a ProLog cable modem user in Douglassville (near Birdsboro) for about 3 months, and have been experiencing intermittent drops and outages. I have called to report the issues several times, and ProLog says they "see" and issue with the cable in my area, and then they submit a trouble ticket to my cable provider. However, I am still experiencing issues.

If I were you I would make sure that you get both your cable provider and ProLog on the same page before you sign up for service. I am still trying to get these two companies - ProLog and the cable TV provider - to cooperate with each other and get my issue fixed.


Kempton, PA
O.K. .............Will Do ...Thanks for the answer.!....Have you had any issues using any P2P programs and/or port blocking issues.? Also, who is your actual cable provider.? Thanks in advance.