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[wireless] WRT54G not getting DHCP address from cable modem

My Linksys WRT54G suddenly stopped working a while ago. I hadn't made any configuration changes, but it all of a sudden stopped getting a DHCP address from my cable modem (it just keeps coming up

I set my wired Linksys back up, so I'm able to get online. I then tried connecting the WRT54G (wireless) into the wired Linksys and the WRT54G is then able to get a DHCP address just fine. I tried updating to the most current version of the firmware I had been using (Wifibox) and that didn't seem to help. I then tried another firmware version (HyperWRT) and it still isn't able to get a DHCP address assigned when I plug it back into the cable modem. I've tried turning on the "MAC Address Clone" feature, but that didn't seem to help either.

I'm guessing that it's something simple that I'm overlooking, but I'm stumped at this point. Any ideas?

Waldwick, NJ
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Try the following. Power off the cable modem and your WRT54G. Connect the cable modem to the WRT54G WAN port. Power on the WRT54G and wait for it to boot up (should be under 30 secs). THEN power on the cable modem. Let it sync up so all the lights go solid (other then the activity light which will be flashing).

Then go to » which is the router status pages for the WRT54G and log in. Go to the Status tab and see if the router has the proper info or if it shows for the WAN IP address. If it's click on the DHCP Renew button and see if it can now pull the proper info from the cable modem.
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Hey Norm

Saint Charles, IL
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Re: [wireless] WRT54G not getting DHCP address fro

if the above doesnt work (which it should), you might want to try the following, as i had to do this last nite since i had the same issue as you.

connect your computer directly to the cable modem. do an ipconfig /renew on your computer so it pulls the IP from the cable modem.

next, plug the cable modem back into the router, and your computer back into the router. go to the router's menu via clone the MAC address of your computer onto the router.

now, go to the menu where it shows the cable modem's IP address. by the time you get to this screen, it should have already pulled the IP address. if not, do a DHCP renew, and it should get the IP adress from the cable modem.

as mentioned, i had to do the above, since my 54G would not get the IP via standard procedures.

this is one of many ways, but it was effective for me, hopefully it will work for you. good luck.