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Unable to connect to wireless

I bought a 3com 3CRWE754G72-A dsl modem/router. I had been running this with windows XP and a 3com wireless card without any problems for about 3 months. Then the wireless connection suddenly stopped working (while mid-surfing the net). However, the wired LAN connection worked. I contacted 3com who said this was a common problem and they sent a new router.
Unfortunately, this has the same problem. I can access the internet on the wired but not wireless connection. I can access the router interface on the wireless connection, and my ISP said their line was working.
I have tried various things: switched off encryption, upgraded the router software to latest available (1.29), tried both windows and 3com driver, have stopped the windows wireless zero configuration, and the usual switching on and off of components.
My current configuration is windows xp with service pack 2, the router is set to PPPoA, VPI=0 VCI=38, Encapsulation method: VCMUX, Modulation method: G.DMT (all as per isp instructions)
Does anyone know what to do next?


Hello all,

Sorry axman1, I am not much help here either as I am facing the same problem. I can't connect via wireless as well, however, the wireless card indicates the link is on but there is no response in the activity light. I tried to reinstall the driver with no success. The driver also indicates there is no link though I tried placing the laptop as close to the router as possible. My configuration in windows xp is rather similar to yours. I am not very good with such computer tecnicalitites so any help would be great.

if anyone can offer any assistance would be great. thank you.


I also have this problem randomly. Not sure if it's about the temperature of the unit.


reply to axman1
Hmm... I am not sure about the tempreture.. will let it sit for a few days and watch what happen.. will keep updated *laughs*