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Re: Problem after MS update KB891711- Solved!

Well I figured out what had been causing my system to crash whenever I tried to open Internet Explorer. I have “Proxomitron Ver. Naoka-4.5” installed and running on my PC. It must be in conflict with and be causing KB891771.exe to crash my PC when attempting to access the Internet. I have read that a few people have experienced similar problems with some other browsers and I’m guessing that their web filters maybe also causing similar problems to the one I experienced.
MS did get back to me and said they had passed my issue on to their “Support Professionals”. I’ll post any word I hear from them concerning the problem.

In the meanwhile I'll stick with Proxomitron.


Thanks for the info Captnhook. Interesting. Proxo is on my Win98 box also. I've uninstalled KB891771 and will keep Proxo active, like you. Looking forward to reading the response from MS to you. Hopefully they'll re-engineer the patch and release an update for it.

Anyone else who uses Proxo having these problems?

Reinstalled the Q888113 update and it causes no problems for me. My system is back to running normally after completely removing KB891771 (and all the other stuff I did).

User4275 - KB891711 runs as a service at boot. So it would show up in your Taskmanager.

La Merma - Vigilado

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I'm also using Proxo and had to disable the patch as it was causing instability in otherwise reasonably stable system

Edit: it will be interesting to see if MS would bother to fix it


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I removed KB891771.exe immediately after I installed it on Win Me, after experiencing blue screen problems opening either FF or IE, with KB891771.exe running as a service. While I didn't check it independently, I do run Proxomitron, so I suspect this could be more than a coincidence. No problems with the other update patch (as of yet).


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I have ContentProtect (a family internet filtering program) installed on my computer on my computer so it may be with any program which installs which does some filtering. Maybe KB891711 conflicts with these programs or does not get past the filtering program gets into some sort of loop problem. I too have unchecked the program. However, I was getting prepared to do my annual/semiannual format the computer and start from scratch routine. Until I saw this thread I thought it was an acceleration of my problems. I guess I could get by without doing this for a while, but it gives me a good excuse to start from scratch.