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Huntington Station, NY
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Re: FIOS - First 7 days reviewed

if you really wanted to, you could cut the power plug apart and hardwire it.

Chantilly, VA
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Plug? You mean outlet? Sometimes/often, the outlet is supplied from a GFCI outlet elsewhere or from a GFCI breaker in the panel. So, bypassing the outlet may not help.

Still, I believe NEC states that all outside/garage outlets are GFCI now. I have a hard time believing that snippet about VZN wanting/requiring a non-GFCI outlet when many NIDs -> ONTs will back onto a garage.


Syosset, NY
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I don't see why a low voltage transformer would require a non-GFI outlet. Unless because the ONT is outdoors, the internal wires will become damp. Maybe they don't want the GFI tripping over a low voltage leak.


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Disclaimer: I am not a licensed electrician. Information supplied below is not intended to replace the knowledge of a qualified professional. Always seek the services of a qualified professional in matters of safety.

One of the main reasons why the ONT power supply is there is to keep the battery charged for emergency use. The tech that did the install at my house last week explained that they do not want to use GFCI protected circuits or power strips/surge protectors that have an integral circuit breaker to power the ONT battery charger. He explained that both types of power sources to the ONT battery backup are less reliable. Those types of circuits may trip without the home owner noticing and allowing the battery to be drained unnecessarily. Whereas a tripped circuit breaker on the main panel will most likely be quickly noticed and corrected sooner by the home owner because other portions of the circuit would be dead (provided that the ONT power supply is not the only device on that circuit).

It's the same rationale that the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) recommends that you don't run hardwired AC powered smoke detectors all by themselves on a dedicated circuit, or with a GFCI or with a switch. The NFPA recommends that AC powered smoke detectors be wired on the same circuit as a frequently used general purpose lighting circuit so that if the breaker trips on that circuit and the lights don't work, it provides some feedback to the occupant that a critical circuit is not functional.

I believe you can use a surge protector on the ONT power supply but it is recommended that it is one without an integral circuit breaker. Seek the advice of Verizon before using a surge protector.

Again, follow the advice of Verizon so that your ONT will be operational in times of emergency and that you'll have 911 service when you need it the most.


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Yeap, they roped you in good. Fios with the limied use phone line so they grab ya for an extra $15 a month! Typical Verizon tactic. Would be nice to sack the FIBER_POTS and grab a VOIP line for $20 unlimited/month


Beaverton, OR
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How exactly does the PPPOE work? Being a Comcast user(never used DSL) i only understand the basics of PPPOE(that you 'log' in)

What exactly is involved? Is the connection always up? Do they 'kick' you off after a certain amount of idle time etc?

Or do you just turn on your computer, it automatically gets a IP from your router and your on your way(like Comcast).

As i type this i can look out my window and see the giant orange fiber roll they were working with all day on our street. Does anybody else have a rough estimate of how long it took to get service from when they had the trucks out laying fiber? It must be close..somebody probably 10 blocks away said their phone # came up positive today.


Silver Spring, MD
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The Verizon supplied router handles everything. All attached computers can be automatically assigned IP and connect. The router can be set to disconnect at a predetermined idle time or maintain a constant connection. My connection has been up since my March install except for a power outage that lasted over 16 hours this month.