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Silver Spring, MD
reply to xargs

Re: FIOS - First 7 days reviewed

Do I have the right to remain silent?

Ill simply say it appears any router or computer with Ethernet hardware that does PPPOE will work.


Bethpage, NY
Verizon announced fiber optic in New York on Long Island a few months ago. They forgot to tell everyone calling that they only have it in certain towns on Long Island contrary what the advertisement read.

Well the fortunate fiber users get 5 megabits down for 35 dollars a month, which I pay for 1.5 megabits down right now.

I cannot get fiber because verizon does not have it installed in my CO. So I asked the dsl division to lower my price becausethe lucky fiber users get 5 megabits down for 35 dollars a month also. They refused.

I advise people looking for dsl not to get verizon dsl but to go to cable instead.

Verizon does not have my area scheduled for fiber this year and it annoys me that I have to pay the price of fiber but not get the 5 megabit speed but have 1.5 down instead.

Call verizon and tell them to lower their price or open up fiber optic for everyone not just a fortunate few. If many people call, they will get the message.