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Joe Mirabella
Lanham, MD

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Who is this Joe Character?

I have been getting a few questions over the BBR private messaging system that I really can't answer.

My title at RCN would be something equivalent to Cablemodem Network Engineer. In a nutshell, I can handle any cable modem problem or internet service issue. I also have a pretty strong Unix Background. PM me with any service issues you are experiencing and I will do my best to give you an honest answer.

To help keep my responses organized, I suggest starting a new post for any issue affecting you. I or somebody else on the forum can probably respond saying ' see this post ' if the problem seems related to something already in discussion.

Below is a list of issues that I cant really tell you much about. It's just a summary and I will add to it if you ask me something I cant answer.

Cable TV - Cable TV - I cant tell you anything about what RCN offers. I also dont know anything about set top boxes or future channels. The Cable TV and Internet/Cable Modem departments are not the same.

Set Top Boxes - I can answer limited questions about the digital Chicago boxes, but most of the other boxes in the other markets I know close to nothing about.

VoIP - I can fix some issues, but cant do anything about service issues not related to the cable modem the line rides over.

SusCom - I had control of the DHCP server til a few weeks back, now all we provide them is some leftover transit links.

One Way Modem Upgrade - yes, its a modem issue, but no, I don't have a time line or any of the information the market has with regards to this

Please Read:

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Thanks, I hope this helps.