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Going nuts


Windows Explorer using DNS?

Why would Explorer try to connect to the internet?
Every time I right click a file or folder it tries to go to what looks like my ISP ( vnsc-lc-dsl.genuity.net
Can't find anything about this thru google. Anyone else having this problem? Spybot, Norton AV, ad-aware and Trojan Hunter all come up clean.


hey y'all

hopefully I'm asking this in the right place, but I think I have an issue with an outside force messing me up, in regards to my DNS lookup.

I downloaded and unzipped what turned out to be a very nasty file (or more specifically, many nasty files). My antivirus went off about seven times and I deleted countless files from '\Windows' and 'Temporary Internet Files' (not to mention figuring out how to lose the 'super hidden' files).

I downloaded this file about sixteen hours ago and in attempting to go back to the site and yell at the pin head who allowed it but am getting a 'Connection refused when ....".

The site was fine last night and I have tried with IE and Firefox, and also under a different user.

I can ping the site and contact it with 'tracert' but can't open the web page.

What else could it have done to my machine?

Oh ya, I cleaned out all I could find with 'Hijackthis'