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Re: Wireless users, READ THIS!


__ The real truth about WISP is that most of them truly do not understand the RF technology that they have. __


__ We do not use amps. That is what novice WISP use. __

In the hands of the inexperienced, an amp can certainly make things worse. Generally, they're best avoided.

__ ...the field tech should be evaluating the entire environment around which the equipment will sit. Here are considerations that should be taken __

Additional installation steps take more time, and since time is money...this doesn't happen too often.

__ People seem to think that if they can see the tower that all is okay, but if there is a hill in between, the height of the hill or object may project into the fresnol zone. As vegetation and seasons changes, this may disrupt the signal flow from point to point. __

Right, but there is no accurate way to predict how seasonal changes will affect the signal. Sometimes, the best signal is the only one you have.

__ Are there any electrical transformers across the field of view?
EMI "Electromagnetic Interference" can limit the range that a signal will travel. Antenna placement is critical to this issue. You do not want to shoot a signal directly across power lines, either shoot over or below them. __

I always point my antennas to where the signal strenth/quality is best. Once again, the best signal is often the one you are stuck with.

__ Is the WISP using low budget radios for their towers?
Some Wisp try to cut corners and build repeater towers on a shoestring budget. This may mean they are using off the shelf equipment like Linksys Access Points which have limitations and are not Carrier Class Equipment. We refer to these type of Wisp as Wisp Wannabes. __

Frankly, I would consider any WISP that operates in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz unlicensed bands to be somewhat amateur-ish, regardless of the equipment used. Selling broadband in the unlicensed bands is a risky proposition. All's it takes is a some cordless phones and home networks per every-other, few houses, and a few nasty cell carries who pillage 2.4-5 GHz spectrum for backhauls, and a mix of traditional ISAM (industrial/scientific/medical) towers/ominis here and there and your QOS takes a nose dive, taking your business with it.

__ What is the latency (ping time) from your computer to the Wisp's gateway?
Ping times to the Wisp gateway should not exceed 20 ms. We have clients who traverse over 5 tower hops exceeding 80 miles in distance who have ping times less than 15 ms. __

That latency is fine, but if a residential customer begins experiencing delays because his neighbor just bought flavor of the month Linksys WAP signal-booster-thingy there is nothing you can do about it. Suddenly, your reputation is on the line.

__ Does the client have any 2.4 gHz equipment within their home? 2.4 gHz phones will cause problems to the data transmission when the phone is in service. Also, be careful when using wireless routers. Depending on what channel you use, you may be using the same frequency that the client radio is trying to use for communication to the tower. __

Interfering with one's self. Not only does a WISP have to higher microwave engineers, but Panasonic/Sony/Uniden/VTech phone experts.

I don't disagree with what you're saying. I just think WISPs who operate in the unlicensed bands risk having the rug pulled from under them. I think the FCC should allocate a WISP only spectrum. This will probably eliminate 75% of the interference: home networks, cordless phones, ISAM networks, and gay-ass cell providers who use unlicensed for backhauls (which should be prohibited if you ask me). The problem with cell backhauls is these a**holes overpower there links often by several WATTS, totally illegal, but do they care? No.

Pictor Guy

Sammamish, WA
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said by superdog:

said by prestonlewis:

3.What is the size of Your main pipe going to the internet, and how many users do You allow until You will upgrade to a bigger one and do You have a QOS(Quality of service) policy in place?The following answers are acceptable!

This is a tough one?, as depending on how many users they have, and the speeds they are offering, a T1 could be fine, and a DS3 could be not enough?. If they are small, and only have a few users(under 50) and have the proper bandwidth throttling policies in place, a T1 is usually fine, which really leads to a second question: "Are You throttling Your users?", If the answer is no?, MOVE ON!

Wow! `A' T1, DS3 or even OC48 would not be fine in my book. There should not be `A' SPOF like that. Now you did say ``main pipe" but I wanted to point out that this is another area where I see a lot of corners cut. And it's not just with WISPs.

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Love this post. My WISP in out of Stillwater OK must be one of those wannabe's. My WISP has not worked for the last two months. If any of you are looking to expand, I have 10 acres of land on a hill top for your first antenna.


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You have supurb information here.


Brookport, IL
reply to superdog
Great post!

Currently i am subscribed to a wanna be regretfully. I have really no other choice. At teh start they had me at like 800/440 and it was great. But then within a year they have congested themselves so badly. Pocketing the money and not improving anything. Several outtages that last for days are a norm t=with there service.

So i can either surf and game at 12am till 8.30am, or deal with the bad lag. I am in the process of putting up a tower 150' to bhopefully have more options. But it just burns me that they do there clients like this..They also arent 100% legal..using subscibed comcast/verizon lines to distibute there services.


Bowling Green, MO
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it is Not good thing about radio waves give speed up and down changes speeds all of the time i found out myself it is supposed to be 300 K but never go over 300 k at all few time i tried to play my playstation 2 game on the wireless internet and give alot of slow that is Not good idea for any gamers on the wireless bec of waves

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Williamsport, IN
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Re: Wireless users, READ THIS!

It's not like the old days when you had to order Channelzied T-1s, PRI's, know how to naviagte the CIsco IOS, etc. Today anyone with a cable modem, a linksys Wireless Router, and some time on their hands can become a "WISP". It's good that the technology is progressing, but buyer beware.

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out there
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