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Longmont, CO

3Com 3200 series

I'm looking to expand our network to an adjacent building, and was wondering if anyone has any experience with the 3250 switch, and/or the 3Com 1000BASE-SX SFP Transceiver.

I'm going to have a fiber link between the two buildings, and also have the remote network on a different subnet, as our broadcast domain needs to be smaller (we currently have a /23 which is getting chatty). So, I want to do some layer 3 filtering, but still allow DHCP discover broadcasts, SMB/NetBIOS, HTTP, POP, SMTP, etc traffic to traverse the fiber link. I don't really have a need to use VLANs, I just want to reduce our broadcast domain. All machines pretty much need to be able to communicate with each other via SMB/NetBIOS. I'm not worried about populating browse lists via broadcasts, as the great majority of our machines are W2000 and *nix, and we have a WINS server, DHCP server, and AD/DNS servers in our main building.

The 3250 will be in the remote building, and I'll be using our existing 3300 switch with the 3Com SuperStack II Switch 1000BASE-SX (SC) Module in our existing building. Probably no more than 300 feet of fiber between the two.

I'm mostly worried about how well the layer 3 filtering in the 3250 performs, and I have little experience in this area.
Below is my proposed layout.

Anyone have any thoughts they can share?