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Re: What is your speed, service price, and location and ISP?

Location: Chicago, IL
Provider: Sprint Broadband Direct (sprintbbd).
Equipment: Fixed wireless antenna on roof, RF modem.
Cost: $45/month + $10 x 2 for two additional IP#'s.

Did a speed test at »www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/ and I'm getting:

Last Result:
Download Speed: 5155 kbps (644.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 172 kbps (21.5 KB/sec transfer rate)

Sprint Broadband direct is getting terminated by 6/30/08, due to FCC's regulations, so I'm looking for a comparable provider.


Felton, CA
reply to mizzer
$50/mo. for 1000 down / 1000 up
Felton, CA thru SurfNet Communications (Scotts Valley, CA)


Liberty Hill, TX
reply to mizzer
:::.. testmy.net test results ..:::
Download Connection is:: 4036 Kbps about 4.04 Mbps (tested with 4096 kB)
Download Speed is:: 493 kB/s
Upload Connection is:: 4339 Kbps about 4.3 Mbps (tested with 5983 kB)
Upload Speed is:: 530 kB/s
Tested From:: »testmy.net (Main)
Test Time:: 2008/07/23 - 6:18am
D-Validation Link:: »testmy.net/stats/id-OWZ5I0164
U-Validation Link:: »testmy.net/stats/id-RPCXATBN9
User Agent:: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.30; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.648) [!]
Provider: www.wifi45.com Corsicana, TX
Price: $50
I couldn't ask for better service or speeds from these guys.
wifi45.com, Linksys(WRT54GS),HP PC m376n Windows Media Pent 4 2.6 GHz, 2.0GB ram / IBM Lenovo T60 1.8 Ghz Duo 2.0GB ram laptop


Muskegon, MI
reply to mizzer
Download :: 2111 Kbps or 2.11 Mbps (258 kB/s)
Upload :: 240 Kbps or 0.2 Mbps (29 kB/s)

have a few tree branches in way (coming down this weekend)

WISP: Arialink.com
Price: 18.99 a month, no contract, 25.00 to install
Location: muskegon, michigan area
Support: top notch!

Note: I am getting internet & phone service from them for under 40 a month

Verizon DSL i was getting less then 1500 down, was too far for the 3.0 package
Specs: DFI LP UT SLI-DR, AMD 64 X2 4400+, 1GB OCZ platinum rev 2 PC3200, Leadtek 6800GT PCI-E, (4) Seagate 250GB Drives, DVD-/+RW, floppy, TV Tuner, stuffed in a Antec Performance TX case with a Antec 500W PSU

Los Angeles, CA
reply to mizzer
Download Speed: 218 kbps (27.3 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 84 kbps (10.5 KB/sec transfer rate)

The lowest speed you can technically call it broadband but it depends on what kind of phone you have, I am using EDGE, tethered to my phone over wifi.

$20 per month
South Los Angeles
My next laptop will be an Apple, I am fed up with PC's and Windows.


Elko, NV

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reply to mizzer

My WISP is Wireless Beehive. »wirelessbeehive.com. I am very happy with this speed. It is a lot faster than what I got from Frontiernet before I canceled them.

It's $39.95 per month. (A $29.95 plan is also available.) No contract is required. There is a $49.95 installation fee. It requires an antenna on your roof that looks a lot like a Dish Network dish.


Killen, AL
reply to mizzer
Location: North West Alabama
(Florence, Muscle Shoals, and surrounding area)

WISP: www.netspeednow.com

Cost: $39.95/month residentual
Minimum of $100 installation
No contract, no caps that I know of, no equipment to buy
5 e-mail accounts with pop3 and web mail

Speeds: Advertised 1MB down/256kb up

My speeds: I usually average around 3Mb down and 1 to 1.5Mb up

I have had this service for 2 months and have been well pleased with it so far. I have had a couple of down times with equipment problems, but the bugs have been worked out and it seems to be reliable now. This is the only alternative in my area, other than mobile wireless. Bellsouth DSL is just spotty in the rural areas, and they don't seem to be interested in expanding. I even started a petition in the area with over 200 signatures within a 2 mile radius of my neighborhood, and sent it to Bellsouth, with no results. I am very pleased with NetSpeedNow.


Springfield, MO
reply to mizzer
My speeds are 1.75Mbps down and 1.5Mbps up

They never advertised any actual speeds, but they are planning a new speed upgrade by the end of the year at same price.

I have AT&T UsbConnect 881U Air Card with the 3G network and my IP shows as Cingular,

I have a 2 year contract at 60 dollars a month, but have unlimited MB, no roaming charges, so no overage charges. They gave me the card so can't complain, I am in a rural area and no DSL here.


Minier, IL
reply to mizzer
WISP: DTN SpeedNet
Tower is located 2 miles from my home. On top of the local water tower so we have a clear view.

Download: 3000Kbps
Upload: 1000Kbps
We subscribed for 1024/384 so I guess they boosted our speed without telling us.
Price:49.95 a month
Pings usually in the area of 45ms to major sites.

Speeds are pretty steady sometimes more around 2500/1000 but I can't complain. only problem is our speed will drop to like 100/70 randomly but a power cycle of the router and modem? will fix it.


Muscle Shoals, AL

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reply to mizzer
Speed: 993/298
Provider: Verizon wireless broadband
Location: Muscle Shoals, AL
cost: $59.99/5GB

This is awesome!!! For an area that has no other choice besides ATT wireless (which sucks) this is fantastic!!! ATT will try to sell you wireless broadband and tell you that you can get service like this in their Edge network which is NOT true. I switched to Verizon only a week ago and am amazed at the difference. Verizon's broadband network covers much more service area than ATT, which has 3G only in large metropolitan areas.


Carpenter, WY
reply to mizzer
Speed : Paying for 1.5 down 1 up
Actual: varies from 1 to 3 down and .7 to 1.2 up

Price 34.99

Location: Carpenter, WY

ISP: LP Broadband (changing their name to SkyBeam)


Ottawa, ON
reply to mizzer
Speed: 256kbps aggregate MINIMUM, no max, no download/upload limits.
Price: $44/month after taxes.
Location: Bonnechere Community Internet, Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada.


Pleasant Hill, MO
reply to mizzer
Provider »kcweb.net

$55 if paid monthly $45 if paid (semi)anualy

Speed according to them 512 Down 128 Up.

according to »speed test.net 522 Down 256 Up.

varies between 512-550 Down and 256-300 Up depending on howmany computer are on in my house.
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Pro Tools Music PP Expert Certified
Sandwich, IL
reply to mizzer

Re: What is your speed, service price, and location and ISP?

ISP: AirLogic Wireless
Throughput (RX): 30-Mbit/sec
Throughput (TX): 20-Mbit/sec
Location: Sandwich, IL
Primary feed from: Newark, IL (6 miles)
Price: $100.00 per month

I probably better offer an explantion. I let them use my ham radio tower as an access point/repeater to provide local service here at the airport. All equipment is custom designed via Mikrotik and for my end...they simply left me "un-capped" and "un" everything. Nice eh?

INTEL Q9550 3.4GHz CPU | Dual 280 GTX 1GB GPU's via SLI | 8GB of OCZ DDR3 Memory | XFX nForce 79i SLI Mobo | Quad WD Velociraptor 2300GB drives in RAID 0 | 2TB of SATA II Storage | Dual Lite-On Blue Ray Burners | 24" Hyundai Full HDMI LCD | Z-5500 SS
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reply to mizzer

Re: What is your speed, service price, and location and ISP?

200 kbps down 64 kbps up
^ speedtest.net with only 100meters from server.


200.000 IDR per month or 22$ / month.

Use 3.5G

system e6750


reply to mizzer
dedicated, managed point to point link
4.8 Mbps up/down
20-40 ms ping
no caps
central VA


Liberty Hill, TX
reply to mizzer
www.wifi45.com Rock solid 4meg down and 3 meg up. $50 per month.


Vail, AZ
reply to mizzer
ISP: ruralNetwireless (on 5.8ghz tower)
Location: Vail, Az 85641
speed: Pay for 1.5M down/ 768k up
actual speed: 5M down/ 2.5M up
ping: 20ms
extra services: Static public IP
price: $85/month



Salinas, CA
reply to mizzer
$70 Verizon

Normal poor service from Verizon so switching to Sprint next week. Almost ready to go to WildBlue.


Lott, TX
reply to Maniak

Wi-Five - $59.95 - about 10 miles from the tower - uses Canopy equipment. Really excellent service, great installers, friendly office people.

They were a real challenge to find and serve many really small rural towns and remote areas so I hope no one minds if I include where their service is available. I would hate others to be stuck with HughesNet like I am when they could have vastly superior service from Wi-five.

Service plans and coverage areas are at »www.wi-five.com/plans.html - Wi-Five provides service throughout East Texas. Coverage area includes:
* Rockwall
* Royse City
* Mobile City
* Fate
* Seagoville
* Gun Barrel City
* Seven Points
* Blackland
* Crandall
* Combine
* Warsaw
* Scurry
* Kaufman County
* Prairieville
* Mabank
* Munson
* Forney
* Mclendon-Chisholm
* Colquitt
* Terrell
* Kemp
* Poetry
* Lively
* Elmo
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Hollywood, FL

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reply to mizzer

Re: What is your speed, service price, and location and ISP?

Coastal Wireless - Eleuthera, Bahamas (Highest package) (10m/1m) $150 per month. (Comes with SLA)

Base package starting at $30 (2m/786k)
Sub 70ms ping times to many imperative nocs
2-10gigs of file (web/ftp) storage and free unix shell accounts for "apt" users
No bandwidth caps

$150 installation charge

(Heh I own the wisp )
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Elko, NV
reply to mizzer

Re: What is your speed, service price, and location and ISP?

Well, my speeds have degraded lately. Last August I reported in this thread that I was getting 8400/1400. But I now realize that Wireless Beehive was just starting out and they didn't have many customers then to use up their available bandwidth..

Now, I just got 4118/643 which is about half what I used to get. I realize however that compared to what a lot of others have reported in this thread, it still isn't bad for fixed wireless, especially for $39.95 per month with no bandwidth cap.
And it's still the fastest we have around here as far as I know. The only other thing we have is 1500/256 DSL for $49.95 per month with a one year contract from Frontiernet. And they are talking about imposing a 5 GB cap. Yikes!

I hope that Wirelessbeehive doesn't continue to oversell their available bandwidth. I called them and they said that they have ordered more equipment and it should speed up again. They said that during peak hours there is a bottleneck sometimes, but they are working on it.

»wirelessbeehive.com .


La Crosse, KS
reply to mizzer

Eagle Communications, Eagle Rural Internet; $54.95 / month. (The identification by the speed test of the ISP as swbell.net is mistaken. I contract with and cut checks to Eagle, not AT&T.)

I do not know what technology is being used to support my service except that it uses an antenna that is about an inch thick and 12" square and is way up on a line of sight pole. The broadcast point is about 4 miles away.

The ethernet like cable from the "antenna" connects to a 1" cube powered by a Motorola labled transformer block. There is a flat ethernet like cable from this cube that connects to the computer. I would appreciate any information you can give me about that.
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