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Salinas, CA
reply to mizzer

Re: What is your speed, service price, and location and ISP?

$70 Verizon

Normal poor service from Verizon so switching to Sprint next week. Almost ready to go to WildBlue.


Lott, TX
reply to Maniak

Wi-Five - $59.95 - about 10 miles from the tower - uses Canopy equipment. Really excellent service, great installers, friendly office people.

They were a real challenge to find and serve many really small rural towns and remote areas so I hope no one minds if I include where their service is available. I would hate others to be stuck with HughesNet like I am when they could have vastly superior service from Wi-five.

Service plans and coverage areas are at »www.wi-five.com/plans.html - Wi-Five provides service throughout East Texas. Coverage area includes:
* Rockwall
* Royse City
* Mobile City
* Fate
* Seagoville
* Gun Barrel City
* Seven Points
* Blackland
* Crandall
* Combine
* Warsaw
* Scurry
* Kaufman County
* Prairieville
* Mabank
* Munson
* Forney
* Mclendon-Chisholm
* Colquitt
* Terrell
* Kemp
* Poetry
* Lively
* Elmo
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Hollywood, FL

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reply to mizzer

Re: What is your speed, service price, and location and ISP?

Coastal Wireless - Eleuthera, Bahamas (Highest package) (10m/1m) $150 per month. (Comes with SLA)

Base package starting at $30 (2m/786k)
Sub 70ms ping times to many imperative nocs
2-10gigs of file (web/ftp) storage and free unix shell accounts for "apt" users
No bandwidth caps

$150 installation charge

(Heh I own the wisp )
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Elko, NV
reply to mizzer

Re: What is your speed, service price, and location and ISP?

Well, my speeds have degraded lately. Last August I reported in this thread that I was getting 8400/1400. But I now realize that Wireless Beehive was just starting out and they didn't have many customers then to use up their available bandwidth..

Now, I just got 4118/643 which is about half what I used to get. I realize however that compared to what a lot of others have reported in this thread, it still isn't bad for fixed wireless, especially for $39.95 per month with no bandwidth cap.
And it's still the fastest we have around here as far as I know. The only other thing we have is 1500/256 DSL for $49.95 per month with a one year contract from Frontiernet. And they are talking about imposing a 5 GB cap. Yikes!

I hope that Wirelessbeehive doesn't continue to oversell their available bandwidth. I called them and they said that they have ordered more equipment and it should speed up again. They said that during peak hours there is a bottleneck sometimes, but they are working on it.

»wirelessbeehive.com .


La Crosse, KS
reply to mizzer

Eagle Communications, Eagle Rural Internet; $54.95 / month. (The identification by the speed test of the ISP as swbell.net is mistaken. I contract with and cut checks to Eagle, not AT&T.)

I do not know what technology is being used to support my service except that it uses an antenna that is about an inch thick and 12" square and is way up on a line of sight pole. The broadcast point is about 4 miles away.

The ethernet like cable from the "antenna" connects to a 1" cube powered by a Motorola labled transformer block. There is a flat ethernet like cable from this cube that connects to the computer. I would appreciate any information you can give me about that.
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out there
reply to pivonka571

Re: What is your speed, service price, and location and ISP?

said by pivonka571:

I would appreciate any information you can give me about that.
Request information in another thread in the forum. This thread is just for WISP users to report speed, price, location and ISP.



Ripley, OH
·AT&T DSL Service
reply to mizzer
it has been awile since i posted on here
our current wisp got a faster connection our old speed was 512 up and down
were still very happy with »www.scswireless.com/


Payson, UT

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reply to mizzer

Price: $35.00
Location: Northern Utah and Boise, Idaho


Jackson, TN
reply to mizzer
2year update :P

Same ISP, same package, same details.

Page 10:
WISP: ECS IS(Local Only)
Location: Northwest TN
Advertised Speed(my plan): 2MB down / 512KB up.
Price: 59.95/month can go to 3MB down / 512KB up for 10 dollars more a month, but don't see a need to.
Includes: 3 email accounts, home page hosting(not that good), static IP.
Distance from tower: 1/4 mile, line of site, signal was 100/100 on 2.4 GHZ(Canopy), so yeah im close..

:::.. Download Stats ..:::
Download Connection is:: 1837 Kbps about 1.8 Mbps (tested with 2992 kB)
Download Speed is:: 224 kB/s
Tested From:: »testmy.net/ (Main)
Test Time:: 2007/11/01 - 9:11pm
Bottom Line:: 32X faster than 56K 1MB Download in 4.57 sec
Tested from a 2992 kB file and took 13.345 seconds to complete
Download Diagnosis:: Awesome! 20% + : 29 % faster than the average for host (ecsis.net)
D-Validation Link:: »testmy.net/stats/id-EHT2F7M89
User Agent:: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20061201 Firefox/ (Ubuntu-feisty) [!]

Pings are pretty good, not as good as some, they range around 30-100ms for games. Its a reliable connection, during peak times I usally don't get under 1.4MB down, which is very nice coming from HughesNet.

Overall: Fast Enough Speeds(for me), No FAP(dl limit), pings are good, great support.

EDIT: I noticed alot of people where using SpeedTest.Net, and here my result:

Good Enough for me 3.


·Cox HSI

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Location: Heathsville VA (act. Wicomico Church)
Provider: Northern Neck Wifi (www.nnwifi.com)
Details: Installed a data pole in yard since I live in a dip in the area, trees everywere, was able to pick up main tower in Reedsville, they have to go over to the tower there to direct the antenna to point it more my way, that should be done in the next week or so, was able to pick up in cherry picker 5mg down and up, very happy with service, even met a new buddy on psn

edit: sorry forgot pricing, 29.95 res, 59.95 business, 250.00 install fee, really great people if you are interested


Payson, UT
reply to mizzer
Advertised Speed: 5mbps/2mbps
Actual: 2-4mbps/1mpbs

Speeds cut in half every 1GB usage. Resets count everyday.

Price $34.95 ($5 antenna rental) = $39.95

WISP: Digis Inc. (using Motorola Canopy)

Typical "last mile" latency: 15-20ms (Note that their peering agreements also suck - bad peering locations)

Location: Utah County

Marshall, TX
reply to mizzer
100.00 At&t

10 megs up and down


reply to mizzer
Location: Rural Tracy, CA

Speed: 50k-2M/50k-2M
Latency: 25ms-3000ms
Packet loss: 5-40%
Price: $45/mo

Service was actually pretty solid for about 2 years. Intermittent connection and latency has showed up in the last 4 months. 3G may be my only other option.
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Young America, MN

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reply to mizzer

Re: What is your speed, service price, and location and ISP?

ISP: »www.Casair.net
Cost: $99.95
Advertised Speeds: 4Mb x 768kbps
Equipment: Alvarion WiMax 3.65ghz
Notes: Pleased with the service Casair provides. Friendly tech support and knowledgeable. Highly recommend others in the Mid-Michigan area give them a try.

Actual Speeds:

Actual Ping:


Lucerne Valley, CA

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reply to mizzer
1.5mb to 2.0mb downloads: 750kb to 1.0mb upload: $56 month with no fixed contract: Apple Valley-Lucerne Valley, Ca: Wisprenn.com. Great Service in this rural desert area where only dial up (NO DSL) is available.



Jackson, TN
reply to mizzer
Taken from my other topic.

Plan: 3mbps down / 512(.5)kbps up.

Actual speed?


As I mentioned in my original post here, ECSIS.NET ISP in North-Western TN.
Wireless Internet via Canopy:
Download Speed: 4.40mbps / Upload Speed: 0.55mbps
Advertised 3mbps / 512kbps
Ping: 34ms
www.speedtest.net/result/7373661 ··· 6136.png)


reply to mizzer
Cricket Wireless "Unlimited Broadband" - 5gb the first month at about 90Kb/s.
Then it drops to 10-20Kb/s if you are still using it. If you stop using for a month. It will re-release the Gbs you used the last month as Crickets computer counts you back under your original 5Gb allotment. But you won't be charged any more than the $40/month. eg no $600 surprise bills.

Speed 20Kb/s
Price: $40/month plus about $10 more in taxes etc
Location San Diego, CA


Lostine, OR
reply to mizzer
Speed: 768/256
Price: $44.99 (6/GB month data cap, $3/GB for overages)
Eastern Oregon Net, Inc. in Lostine, OR

Not sure what's with the crap ping, that doesn't seem usual.

Notes: decent, respectful customer service. Speeds are okay most of the time, sometimes have a day or two where it's raaaather slow. Data cap and overage charges are ridiculous.
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Seattle, WA

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reply to mizzer

Re: What is your speed, service price, and location and ISP?

Clear Wireless

Seattle, WA (98126) - Admiral District

Download 2 Mbps

Upload 0.5 Mbps

Latency 250 ms constant with extended spikes up of 1500 to 2500 ms (1 + hours long)

$55/mo home + mobile combo package for 6Mbps D/1 Mbps U

Performance is equal to 56k dial up or ISDN/iDSL but far more unreliable and oversubscribed network due to the latency and RF issues. Tests show good bandwidth but performance does not match test results.

Basically many services such as VoIP, IM's and streaming video services are unusable.


reply to mizzer
Speed: dunno/1500kbps
Price: $49.95
Location: Mountain Cablevision, Hamilton Ontario


Cobbs Creek, VA
·Metrocast Commun..

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reply to mizzer
Location: Mathews Co. VA
Wisp: Northern Neck Wireless
Cost: $29.99 per month (Basic Tier)
Advertised Speed up/down: 1500/768


... need help? »evdo-tips.com/
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