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Young America, MN

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Re: What is your speed, service price, and location and ISP?

ISP: »www.Casair.net
Cost: $99.95
Advertised Speeds: 4Mb x 768kbps
Equipment: Alvarion WiMax 3.65ghz
Notes: Pleased with the service Casair provides. Friendly tech support and knowledgeable. Highly recommend others in the Mid-Michigan area give them a try.

Actual Speeds:

Actual Ping:


Lucerne Valley, CA

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1.5mb to 2.0mb downloads: 750kb to 1.0mb upload: $56 month with no fixed contract: Apple Valley-Lucerne Valley, Ca: Wisprenn.com. Great Service in this rural desert area where only dial up (NO DSL) is available.



Jackson, TN
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Taken from my other topic.

Plan: 3mbps down / 512(.5)kbps up.

Actual speed?


As I mentioned in my original post here, ECSIS.NET ISP in North-Western TN.
Wireless Internet via Canopy:
Download Speed: 4.40mbps / Upload Speed: 0.55mbps
Advertised 3mbps / 512kbps
Ping: 34ms
www.speedtest.net/result/7373661 ··· 6136.png)


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Cricket Wireless "Unlimited Broadband" - 5gb the first month at about 90Kb/s.
Then it drops to 10-20Kb/s if you are still using it. If you stop using for a month. It will re-release the Gbs you used the last month as Crickets computer counts you back under your original 5Gb allotment. But you won't be charged any more than the $40/month. eg no $600 surprise bills.

Speed 20Kb/s
Price: $40/month plus about $10 more in taxes etc
Location San Diego, CA


Lostine, OR
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Speed: 768/256
Price: $44.99 (6/GB month data cap, $3/GB for overages)
Eastern Oregon Net, Inc. in Lostine, OR

Not sure what's with the crap ping, that doesn't seem usual.

Notes: decent, respectful customer service. Speeds are okay most of the time, sometimes have a day or two where it's raaaather slow. Data cap and overage charges are ridiculous.
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Seattle, WA

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Re: What is your speed, service price, and location and ISP?

Clear Wireless

Seattle, WA (98126) - Admiral District

Download 2 Mbps

Upload 0.5 Mbps

Latency 250 ms constant with extended spikes up of 1500 to 2500 ms (1 + hours long)

$55/mo home + mobile combo package for 6Mbps D/1 Mbps U

Performance is equal to 56k dial up or ISDN/iDSL but far more unreliable and oversubscribed network due to the latency and RF issues. Tests show good bandwidth but performance does not match test results.

Basically many services such as VoIP, IM's and streaming video services are unusable.


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Speed: dunno/1500kbps
Price: $49.95
Location: Mountain Cablevision, Hamilton Ontario


Cobbs Creek, VA
·Metrocast Commun..

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Location: Mathews Co. VA
Wisp: Northern Neck Wireless
Cost: $29.99 per month (Basic Tier)
Advertised Speed up/down: 1500/768


... need help? »evdo-tips.com/


Buckeye, AZ
reply to mizzer
$60 a month no contract
7.5g cap


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Cricket 3G Broadband

$60 a month
down: about 700kbs to 1.4mbs have gotten 2.0mbs a few times though. its usually pretty stable though no wild swings back and forth.
up: 400kbs to 900kbs
ping: 90 to 160

7.5g cap that I haven't even come close to using and thats with me and my wife on at the same time with just one modem and playing WoW and LoL.

Pretty happy so far. Glad I ditched Qwest dsl. 7mbs down aint worth crap when the line is down half the time and the customer service blows with Qwest too. Wish I would have switched along time ago, lol.


Cobbs Creek, VA
·Metrocast Commun..
reply to mizzer

Mathews, VA
59.95 a month (business tier)
... need help? »evdo-tips.com/


Fort Frances, ON
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This is the fastest results I've seen from my 5.7 Canopy by my recollection.

Recently upgraded my router to a newer build of dd-wrt and had to retest.

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New York, NY
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Here's my 4G WiMax speed:

I'm paying $60 a month for a combined 4G/3G service. The 3G has been unusable since September 28th, 2010. The provider gave me full credit for October and November when I only had their 3G service, and will decide by Wednesday whether to give me half credit for December, during which I added their 4G WiMax to my plan. My apartment happens to have excellent indoor WiMax coverage, but that's a lucky isolated spot, as there is no 4G WiMax coverage 10 feet away from my apartment or, indeed, on any of the surrounding blocks. That means that if I take my laptop anywhere nearby, whether it's a park, or a restaurant or a bus stop, I have no Internet access at all. So I've got the Broadband but not the Mobile! Hence the application for half credit on the missing 3G service, which was supposed to fill in for gaps like that.

My location is Manhattan, NYC, 10022.

My provider is Sprint.
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Vail, AZ
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Re: What is your speed, service price, and location and ISP?

Here is my 2nd report. This one is for the WISP at the office. Same company I use for out\r WISP at the house but the office is running off a different tower.

Company: RuralNet Wireless (www.ruralnetwireless.com)
Location: Tucson, Arizona

Connection: 1.5 symmetrical Business Class
5 static IP's
Speed test always shows 1.43M up/down. Its very consistent.

Price $99.95 /month

Abbeville, LA
reply to mizzer
Company: KTC/PACE (»www.ktcpace.com)
Location: Kaplan, Louisiana
Service: 3G Wireless Mobile Broadband
Equipment: Option iCon 452 USB modem
Price: $49/mo. with a minimum $35/mo. cellular voice plan or $69/mo. without a cellular voice plan, unlimited data transfer.
Advertised Speed: ?/? - Recently upgraded to 3G from EDGE.

Speed test done at 1 p.m. Central time.


reply to mizzer
I actually pay for service through Comcast but the Wimax network is actually provided by Clear (3G is Sprint's network, I think). It costs me an extra $40 on top of my HSI Cable internet at home... total bill is about $90 (as long as I call in every 6 months or so to get my discounts back).

Adapter: U301 4G/3G
CINR: 20
dBm: -65

I hugely improved my ping and bandwidth by making myself a cantenna and pointing it at the nearest tower (cut can in half... cut slot for dongle in middle of can... insert dongle *snicker*... pretty easy and if you have one of those coffee cans that are cardboard with foil layers it is super easy to cut up). My signal strength went from 40% to 100% and my ping went from ~250 to 100... my download bandwidth varies from 3 to 7mbs.


Palo Alto, CA
reply to mizzer
ISP: »www.web-pass.com (San Francisco, CA)
Cost: $45/mo
Advertised Speed: 100/100mb
Equipment: SAF Tehnika CFIP-106 24ghz, building shared
Notes: Service area only in Downtown San Francisco and 2 East Bay cities. Radio is 24ghz, not 2.4ghz.

Actual speed (Linksys WRT110 had to be removed to get actual speed):

Speakeasy speed test is more representative:

Caveats: Rain fade.


Weslaco, TX
reply to mizzer
RioPlex Wireless
service price $100.00 with static IP
McAllen, Texas
advertised speed
2.4kbs down
1.5kbs up
real speeds
2.4kbs down
upload varies wildly from 120kbs to 1.2kbs when things are good. Which things are not now...

Claims to be upgrading their towers in my area to improve service quality.


Cobbs Creek, VA
·Metrocast Commun..
reply to mizzer
Advertised: 5/2 Mbps up/down
Price: 89.95 (lower tiers start at 39.95)
Locations: Mathews county, VA

... need help? »evdo-tips.com/

Mayaguez, PR
·AT&T Wireless Br..
reply to mizzer
This is with AT&T 4G service, no antenna, and using windows ICS and two Linksys access points for wifi coverage throughout the house.
Price: 50/mon, 5GB cap, $10/GB over. The Sierra U313 aircard cost $49.95 after the $50 mail-in rebate. Excellent device.

We are in the mountains of Puerto Rico and there is no DSL nor cable internet. Our options are Hughes (see my review of them) or WISP via mobile broadband. We used to have Millenicom/Sprint but the service got so slow it was hard to use.

Sierra 313U/AT&T 4G shared on dedicated laptop host, 2 LinkSys WiFi a/p, 4 XPPro units, FireFox everywhere.
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Re: What is your speed, service price, and location and ISP?

I have had Verizon Wireless for 2 years on a MiFi2200.

I had a 5GB plan and went over. I was throttled, then I upgraded and was still throttled. I hit 90% every month, don't go over, anymore.

My speeds vary, since we travel so much. Basically, it's like dial-up to 1.5M

For this, I pay $80 per month. We travel all over the country and I can generally find some access.

I would give up my unlimited data plan on my phone. in exchange for my MiFi. We need maps and sites I can't get on my phone.

My $700 phone is useless. I'm sorry I bought it.

out there
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