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Abbeville, LA
reply to mizzer

Re: What is your speed, service price, and location and ISP?

Company: KTC/PACE (»www.ktcpace.com)
Location: Kaplan, Louisiana
Service: 3G Wireless Mobile Broadband
Equipment: Option iCon 452 USB modem
Price: $49/mo. with a minimum $35/mo. cellular voice plan or $69/mo. without a cellular voice plan, unlimited data transfer.
Advertised Speed: ?/? - Recently upgraded to 3G from EDGE.

Speed test done at 1 p.m. Central time.


reply to mizzer
I actually pay for service through Comcast but the Wimax network is actually provided by Clear (3G is Sprint's network, I think). It costs me an extra $40 on top of my HSI Cable internet at home... total bill is about $90 (as long as I call in every 6 months or so to get my discounts back).

Adapter: U301 4G/3G
CINR: 20
dBm: -65

I hugely improved my ping and bandwidth by making myself a cantenna and pointing it at the nearest tower (cut can in half... cut slot for dongle in middle of can... insert dongle *snicker*... pretty easy and if you have one of those coffee cans that are cardboard with foil layers it is super easy to cut up). My signal strength went from 40% to 100% and my ping went from ~250 to 100... my download bandwidth varies from 3 to 7mbs.


Palo Alto, CA
reply to mizzer
ISP: »www.web-pass.com (San Francisco, CA)
Cost: $45/mo
Advertised Speed: 100/100mb
Equipment: SAF Tehnika CFIP-106 24ghz, building shared
Notes: Service area only in Downtown San Francisco and 2 East Bay cities. Radio is 24ghz, not 2.4ghz.

Actual speed (Linksys WRT110 had to be removed to get actual speed):

Speakeasy speed test is more representative:

Caveats: Rain fade.


Weslaco, TX
reply to mizzer
RioPlex Wireless
service price $100.00 with static IP
McAllen, Texas
advertised speed
2.4kbs down
1.5kbs up
real speeds
2.4kbs down
upload varies wildly from 120kbs to 1.2kbs when things are good. Which things are not now...

Claims to be upgrading their towers in my area to improve service quality.


Cobbs Creek, VA
·Metrocast Commun..
reply to mizzer
Advertised: 5/2 Mbps up/down
Price: 89.95 (lower tiers start at 39.95)
Locations: Mathews county, VA

... need help? »evdo-tips.com/

Mayaguez, PR
·AT&T Wireless Br..
reply to mizzer
This is with AT&T 4G service, no antenna, and using windows ICS and two Linksys access points for wifi coverage throughout the house.
Price: 50/mon, 5GB cap, $10/GB over. The Sierra U313 aircard cost $49.95 after the $50 mail-in rebate. Excellent device.

We are in the mountains of Puerto Rico and there is no DSL nor cable internet. Our options are Hughes (see my review of them) or WISP via mobile broadband. We used to have Millenicom/Sprint but the service got so slow it was hard to use.

Sierra 313U/AT&T 4G shared on dedicated laptop host, 2 LinkSys WiFi a/p, 4 XPPro units, FireFox everywhere.
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reply to mizzer

Re: What is your speed, service price, and location and ISP?

I have had Verizon Wireless for 2 years on a MiFi2200.

I had a 5GB plan and went over. I was throttled, then I upgraded and was still throttled. I hit 90% every month, don't go over, anymore.

My speeds vary, since we travel so much. Basically, it's like dial-up to 1.5M

For this, I pay $80 per month. We travel all over the country and I can generally find some access.

I would give up my unlimited data plan on my phone. in exchange for my MiFi. We need maps and sites I can't get on my phone.

My $700 phone is useless. I'm sorry I bought it.

out there
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(topic move) What is your speed, service price, and location and

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Brooklyn, NY
reply to mizzer

Re: What is your speed, service price, and location and ISP?

Verizon Wireless 4G LTE in New York City.
Peak speeds 71.8mbps.

»www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rwsM7eH ··· sM7eHRYE

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Sardis, OH
reply to mizzer

Re: What is your speed, service price, and location and ISP?

wvhotpot wireless in the sardis ohio area... 49.95 a month [att=1]


Sardis, OH
6mb down 1 up package...

Ole Juul

Coalmont, BC
reply to mizzer
I'm in Canada. Like many rural areas of this country, we can get a 1500Mb/s basic package. I had that for some years and I got just about exactly that, both up and down, but up tends to be a bit faster. That's just under $40 per month including taxes. The thing is, that is what speed tests indicate but that number is not of any practical use to me.

File transfers and HTTP server access is still much slower than what the service plan is called. I don't care what speed tests indicate or what the peaks are. Those numbers have no meaning or relationship to my actual experience.

I recently switched to a 2500Mb/s package for an extra ten bucks per month. For YouTube and torrents it does peak to that, and even higher, but for browsing and regular file transfers like FTP, it's still down in the 1500 or (generally much) less range. There's obviously a lot of packet shaping and buffer bloat. I think that is the sad state of the industry these days. Otherwise I do like my little small-town ISP. You can compare your own, to mine here: »nethop.net/wireless.php
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reply to mizzer

Re: What is your speed, service price, and location and ISP?

Ptcl 50Mbps Vdsl , Pakistan

downloading 5Mb-6.5Mb

Uploading 2000kbps

price per month 20,000 Pakistani Rupees


Sardis, OH
reply to mizzer
wvhotspot is my isp. 20/20. 100 a month. Location- Sardis Ohio.


·Cool Access
reply to mizzer
Location: 2 miles north of the Greenville, Texas town limit (rural area)

WISP: Cool Access, A TierOne Converged Networks Company (which is apparently owned by Cogent Communications)

Price: $55.85/mo

Stated speeds: Up to 512k up / 1.5Mbps down

Tested speeds/ping:


reply to mizzer
Speed: 2mbps down, 1mbps up
Price: $70
Location: Benton, KS (Not actually in town >_>)

It has a low ping, so it's capable of gaming, which is nice. But sometimes the internet just goes out (usually only once a month or two.)


reply to mizzer
what it the item for Speed: 768/256
Price: $49.99
Location: Comwavz/WatchTV in Northwest Ohio ? it seems that some words were missed.
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Rhome, TX
·AT&T Wireless Br..
reply to mizzer

Re: What is your speed, service price, and location and ISP?

1.5 Mbps subscription
Subscription speed: 1500 kbps
Actual Speed: Usually less than 800 Kbps, varies from no service to, sometimes 1500 Kbps
Price: $44.95 / month
Location: Caddo County Oklahoma

Friendly local company and support.
Poor capability to support advertised subscription rates.
Slow or incapable of resolving issues.
1% to 10% dropped packet rate.
No real competition.

»hintonet.net/High%20speed%20wire ··· peed.htm


Pretty darned excited. Was a Mcom user for years, until the Sprint debacle. Forced to move to Dishnet. On Dishnet for 14 months. Use AT&T for our cell service, and their new double value plans on mobile share made it more affordable for me to take my lumps on a Dish ETF and switch to ATT. Awaiting our hotspot to really take advantage. Net cost? $70 for 40GB to share when we previously had 10gb on phone and 10gb on satellite which was hampered by incredible latency. And the increase in our speed since we're in a great 4G area? Off the charts!

»www.speedtest.net/my-result/3800 ··· 00585150
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Cambridge, NY
·AT&T Wireless Br..
·Verizon Wireless..
reply to mizzer

Re: What is your speed, service price, and location and ISP?

Advertised Speed: 12 Mbps down, 4 Mbps up
Actual Speed: Being wireless, the actual speed tends to fluctuate quite a bit, though I've never got download speed going below 5 Mbps. I quite often get download speeds beyond the advertised VZW speed. Fastest I've been able to get out here is 20 Mbps.
Price: $150
Location: Cambridge, NY (live roughly three miles out of the village)
ISP: Verizon Wireless

Was a former Millenicom subscriber before I got forced to have to jump back onto Verizon. The speed and connectivity is no different from before when I was on Millenicom and my latency is quite low being around 60 ms. But the high monthly rates for low data caps are still a money burner.

Jack in VA
North, VA
reply to mizzer

Verizon 4620LTE 4G

Mathews, VA middle of the boondocks.

Paul in SF

San Francisco, CA
reply to mizzer
Speed: 62 Mbps down, 51 Mbps up. right now. That is fairly typical
Price: $35 a month total - No add'l taxes or fees
Location: San Francisco, CA Provider: Monkeybrains.net WISP

Note: I have an upgrade to 300 Mbps up and down paid for, just waiting for the install to be scheduled. Monthly price will remain the same, the kicker is the install costs a one time fee of $2500. I will let readers here know how it works out.
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