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Saylorsburg, PA

Prolog, StormPort, and Cisco VPN

Just got ProLog DSL, with the Paradyne StormPort 1020 modem they provided.

Things worked well enough until I installed Cisco VPN. Then the connection dropped. Couldn't restablish until I uninstalled VPN.

Rebooted several times, tried again: same story.

Someone, anyone: tell me Cisco VPN can work with ProLog



Greentown, PA

prolog/blue ridge

I just moved to the area and prolog seems very similiar to optimum online which I used before moving here.

I'm aslo running a vonage phone on it and service is good.

I use p2p all the time without problems, limewire and bittorent.

I'm using the modem they gave me, SA webstar. It's okay, had to reboot a couple of times but other than that seems okay.

It's only been a couple of weeks, but so far so good.

Wish I could help with some of the other techniacal questions but not my area, I don't even know what a vpn is lol.