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Runs from Clowns

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Comcast Forum Posting Rules

1. Please see the site Rules on Posting.

2. If you have a question about a moderator action in the forum, please ask by Instant Message (IM) in a civil manner.

3. If you wish to point others to software/firmware, please provide a link to a reputable site where it can be downloaded after the opportunity to make an informed decision. Please do not link directly to the firmware or upload it here.

4. This is a support forum, not a complaint box or an advertising center. While voicing an opinion is acceptable, this should not be viewed as a place to continuously rant about or praise your level of service.

5. This is not the appropriate forum to post about service from other providers.

6. Comcast TV related posts belong in the Comcast Cable TV Forum.

7. If your topic is better suited to another forum it may be moved there by a moderator. If you are unsure where it should be posted, post it here and send an Instant Message to a moderator for assistance in getting it to where it should be.

8. Try to stay on topic within a thread. There is a New Topic button for other topics at the top right of the forum.

9. If you believe something violates site or forum rules for posting, assist us in running the site by using the Hey Mods link at the bottom of the offending post. Just HeyMod. Don't enter the fray, please, or you become part of the problem.

10. If you keep your remarks focused on the topic issues and not on negative comments about/to other posters, you are not likely to be warned for flaming (personal insult) or trolling (attempting to start a flame war).

11. Non-registered posters are just as welcome to post here as registered members and deserve just as much respect.

12. In re links to articles, from site posting rules:

"Articles should not be posted in their entirety. The acceptable way to post external articles is to partially quote, add some personal comments and give a full credit with a link back to the original site."

Posts which either contain too much of a copyrighted article and/or those which just post a link may be removed. The former are prohibited per site posting rules and the latter make the forum look like a news blog, which (see the purpose state at the top of the forum) is definitely not the purpose of any of our technical forums.

Please do not post links to articles unless they are added as support to your on topic (for forum or thread) discussion.

13. See also ---> »About Comcast News

A "PS" from Justin from a Site Announcement sent to all members via instant message on 2013-08-27 01:33:44:

I would like the tech forums to be useful, friendly to newcomers, and as free as possible from personal flame wars, or career trolls. In the past we've given accounts that persistently cross the line multiple chances to "grow up" but this hasn't always been effective. I'd like to remind everyone that DSLReports does have ( »Site FAQ »What are the Rules on Posting? ) good conduct rules on public posts and that if these are wilfully ignored over a time period, then moderators can and will fast track account removal. You can help by recognising and ignoring flamebait, not engaging with insulting posts, and using the post flagging links. The chief mods tmpchaos and fourboxers have an unenviable task and the more civil things are, the easier it is for them.

Thanks for reading & don't touch that dial.

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