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Woodlawn, NY
reply to AJ023

[Business] Re: FIOS scheduled for Bronx NY yet?

said by AJ023:

Does a pedestal box count?

Verizon doesnt want people to know where they are deploying for sole reason they dont want their competitors to know. There are some areas which have had prelim work but till its close to being ready Verizon wont say it has been done or will even argue it has not been done.

Remember this: Heavily MDU sections of the Bronx will not get done right away. There are more upscale suberban like areas in the Bronx in some sections and those are likely to be wired soon. I would not even hesitate to believe that FIOS may have already been started in the Bronx.

Earliest areas to get it will include:

Baychester, Bedford Park, Castle Hill, City Island, Country Club, Eastchester, Edenwald, Fordham, Highbridge, Hunts Point, Kingsbridge, Melrose, Morrisania, Morris Heights, Morris Park, Mott Haven, Norwood, Parkchester, Pelham Bay, Pelham Parkway, Port Morris, Riverdale, Soundview, Throgs Neck, Tremont, University Heights, Wakefield, Westchester Square, West Farms, Williamsbridge, and Woodlawn.

Early permits have been spotted in some of these towns for very preliminary work. Some of you are also reporting seeing fiber boxes which is very possible. Please take digital pics. I am not sure if more was done. Verizon is doing a great job in accelerating this but at the same time is keeping a TIGHT LID on what area will go next for competitive reasons.

Any of you who see work are encouraged to post it. I have seen permits in Bronx for new telephone polls/replacements and its unclear yet if FIOS will be put on those new polls right away.

Just a word to Verizon: Dont worry about keeping locations hidden because quite frankly, noone else is even deploying FIOS and the people here want it and if you tell them you are doing prelim work, they will be early adopters and be more loyal Verizon customers.

SBC cant do SQUAT till the AT&T merger approval in which case they will then MAYBE come into the market for residential. We dont know yet.

Also ignore ANYONE posting as anonymous on these forums as to FIOS deployment. Could be some other cable co employees as well trying to keep you away.

Remember bronx in many of these towns are like suberbia and those areas will be next in line. Staten Island goes first though with complete FIOS deployment as its still rolling and fast too over there. Rolling rolling rolling. More fiber homes passed daily.

Verizon is gonna soon have a McDonalds like sign, Million served with FIOS
I got uneasy when reading the list.... I live in woodlawn, the last on the list