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Forest Hills, NY

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[Business] Re: FIOS scheduled for Bronx NY yet?

I did not seperate those areas prodimemantly MDU as I dont know offhand those areas. You can google for community district to find out which of those have the highest percentage of homes as NYC keeps track of that on its website.

Actually your wrong about most of the other areas being mostly apartment buildings though. See there are plenty of areas that are majority homes at like 30% or so based on quick glance with MDUs at 20% or so. Verizon is steadily accelerating and will eventually have to do where the homes are even in areas which have MDUs nearby as they fill in more areas but they will likely choose the ones with higher amount of homes than MDUs. Verizon also has 2 ONT suppliers as well now.

Suberbia in NYC metro is getting filled in quick (suberban like areas of the boroughs, long island, westchester and rockland). Take Queens for instance where they did the most suberban like towns of Bayside, Little Neck, Oakland Gardens and Douglaston areas. There is a few areas left like Whitestone, and other areas with lots of homes, but those numbers are diminishing and they will have move to homes in areas near MDU's which have more homes than MDUs at first.

»www.nyc.gov/html/dcp/html/lucds/ ··· art.html and you can get stats based on each community district. Verizon has to do the homes regardless so its easier to do the areas where there more homes than apartment buildings as that still takes alot of time to do for the homes.

Nope those areas were alphabetical and my own assessment of the towns most likely to get FIOS first.

Even though Verizon will go online with Bronx, dont expect it right away though. It will take months from initial start phase. So even if Verizon did start deploying Bronx fully right now, you are looking at maybe 9 months from today for just SOME areas to come online and so far they havent done any significant work barring any new developments (everything is subject to change). But those areas are likely to get it before the other areas in the Bronx in my personal opinion.


AJ, it appears you are incorrect. I live and work there for well over 30 years now and the areas I listed as being mostly MDU's are indeed that. VZ will not start to fiber up an area that is mostly apartment buildings. If they are going to stick with a single family type layout, Woodlawn, Wakefield, Throggs Neck, Country Club, Riverdale and Morris Park are really the only areas to go after. The majority of the west Bronx is apartment house from Riverdale south to 132nd St. Same for the mid and eastern sections outside of those listed above.

Now, none of that will matter if they resolve the MDU issue but until they do, anywhere outside of the areas listed above are no go.


Forest Hills, NY
Please go here:

»www.nyc.gov/html/dcp/html/lucds/ ··· art.html

and click on the districts in the Bronx. It tells you specifically the figures of MDUs and Homes percentage wise in that community district.

For example District 10 (where I saw permits for new polls filled by the DOT on the permit website and please go here:

»www.nyc.gov/html/dcp/pdf/lucds/b ··· file.pdf

As you can see district 10 is 30% homes, only 12% MDUs. So District 10 is prime area for FIOS deployment by homes. District 10 encompasses Pelham Bay, Throgs Neck, City Island and others.

The chart shows the whitish areas as 1+2 family homes so you can see specifically where the homes reside.

If you read what I said, I specifically said that areas that have more homes than MDUs will go first. I did NOT say which of those towns these were. However going by Community Districts those are as follows:

Community District #8 (Riverdale, Kingsbridge)
Community District #9 in the Southeast part, I assume thats Parkchester?
Community District #10 (Throgs Neck, Pelham Bay, etc...)
Community District #11 Pelham Bay Gardens, Morris Park
Community District #12 Baychester, Eastchester, etc...

And there are pockets of homes in some other community districts that could be pulled in as well untill they do MDUs.

Just look at the website I gave you as it lists SPECIFICALLY where those homes lie, the percentages and everything inbetween. And I have no doubt Verizon is using this type of information as to determine where to deploy.

I listed those towns because those towns are going to be the EARLIEST to get FIOS out of all those other towns. I did not parse out untill now which towns had significant home percentages.

Verizon still has to do MDUs and if your in any of the afformentioned towns you have a better shot at getting it when MDUs come online.