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[Business] Re: FIOS scheduled for Bronx NY yet?

Dont feed the trolls!!!

AJ, the community board #'s dont accurately show the breakdown in the areas listed. Its way more on the MDU side and that site is surprisingly off. I wonder why, they should have the means to get the #'s right.

Lets take Riverdale, north of 242nd St, you have 70% private homes to 30% apartment buildings. Prime FIOS area. Big $$ and high profile. The "Riverdale" name has always been a big thing. I bet thats area #1 for this roll out. Woodlawn might be next. Sadly the central Bronx is an MDU nightmare and that will be a problem.


Forest Hills, NY

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Those numbers are correct and those are City of New York OFFICIAL figures.

You can even verify without going there by using Google satellite images which are now free to see those areas accurately represented because you can view the homes in those areas. The colors correspond to the homes in those areas correctly and the statistics are indeed accurate. They go by communitity districts and not by towns HOWEVER you can look at the map section which lists the specific color codes for figures. NYC also has a zoning map on the website as well which was from a college which worked in partnership with NYC and it directly also corresponds with those community district maps. It is also available on the city website.

Tell those in the homes in Bronx in those areas who LIVE THERE AND WANT FIOS! They are there and indeed accurate. Satellite images from google, zoning maps and the community district maps are indeed correct because they are all 3 different sources and SHOW THE SAME THING!

I dont know why you are arguing with me when every website is confirming what I am saying including those 3 which are all provided via different sources.

I take it you never been to Pelham area before. Theres even a Horse stable down there and yes, multiple single story homes and its really nice and yet you deny even that area has single family homes? It was not even in the list you mentioned.

Heres an example of single family homes in Pelham:

»newyork.foxtons.com/search?md5=8 ··· umbnails

There are MANY of these types of homes there. Just look on the google satellite images for goodness sakes. Your arguing yet the FACTS show otherwise.

It seems like the only person trolling is some anonymous poster from Verizon who doesnt even give his username.



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AJ, not arguing with you, simply pointing out what I see and live in daily. Born and raised there. Worked in EVERY neighborhood for many years. Seen it all top to bottom. Regardless of what those numbers say, they are wrong. Do you believe everything you read, especially government posted numbers? Please tell me you dont, I dont want to discuss this with someone that foolish. You get very accusatory when someone conflicts with your opinion. Perhaps the anonymous person isnt the troll here......

Stables? WTF? Do horses require FIOS now? Does Mr. Ed download porn these days?

As for your google map, go ahead and google Highbridge, Melrose, Kingsbridge, Co Op City, University Hgts, Tremont, Fordham, The Concourse, Soundview, Hunts Point, etc. Show me more than a few isolated blocks of private/2 family homes. Then google Riverdale, Woodlawn, T Neck and Morris Park. You'll see what I mean.

I already said Pelham area (Morris Park etc) is a viable candidate. Perhaps you dont know the Bronx well enough to discuss this. I said the central Bronx is all MDU's. Go take a ride up the Grand Concourse and make a left or right at every intersection and find more than 2 private houses together in any direction.

My point is, those numbers do not accurately reflect the layout in the Bronx. Thats fact. Get off the PC and take a ride. Hop on the 4, 5, or 6 line and watch the Bronx go by. You'll see MDU's only.

Morris Park, which is part of Pelham, has a small area of single family homes compared to the entire neighborhood in general. Same for Kingsbridge. Throggs Neck, Riverdale and Woodlawn are the only areas with few apartment buildings.


Forest Hills, NY

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You think I never been to the Bronx before Wrong!

The numbers are NOT wrong. You seem to be skipping over the list I gave for some reason:

Community District #8 (Riverdale, Kingsbridge)
Community District #9 in the Southeast part, I assume thats Parkchester?
Community District #10 (Throgs Neck, Pelham Bay, etc...)
Community District #11 Pelham Bay Gardens, Morris Park
Community District #12 Baychester, Eastchester, etc...

These are the areas with higher percentages of homes. Why are you slipping in the other areas when I DID NOT SAY THOSE AREAS HAD A HIGH PERCENTAGE OF HOMES. I said the community districts ABOVE have the highest percentage of homes. Your skipping out areas in the above I posted.

And then you argue that those figures from the city are incorrect. They are NOT. You can use google satellite images and see the homes are precisely where they are on those maps. From a rough look it looks like those figures are indeed accurate.

Someone from the Bronx in those areas has to be reading this. Stand up for your FIOS.

This post is to educate users as to when they will get FIOS and the fact is those areas in the community districts I posted will be the 1st of the first, then eventually the other town listings will come online.

Lets behave and posts facts and figures rather than say information is wrong without showing another source with the correct information. Google the areas of Parkchester, Eastchester, Pelham Parkway, and others and you will also find single family homes and it confirms the data from the city charts when you look at the satellite images. You can only argue it is wrong if you have viable facts and figures and give urls or sources.

FIOSWATCHER@verizon.net and AJisWRONGAGAIN@verizon.net are most likely the same user.


In essence, we have said the same thing yet you are arguing with me. So, please, what exactly is your problem? As for the areas you mention in the various community boards....

District 8. South of 242nd St, its mostly apartment buildings save for some private homes on Sedgewick Ave and west of Broadway. North of 242nd St, its reversed 3's wise.

District 9. Parkchester is all MDU's. Its a concrete village.

District 10. I already went over the area.

District 11. Same as above.

District 12. Its 50/50.

So, your point in arguing me is?


Forest Hills, NY

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"AJ, I doubt you will see FIOS in most of those areas soon. Outside of Woodlawn, parts of Wakefield, Country Club, City Island and Riverdale, most of those areas or strictly apartment buildings."

This is what you posted. You did not include other towns like Pelham Parkway and the other towns I mentioned. You skipped over alot of towns.

In terms of district 9, I had assumed that was parkchester which had the homes and I wasnt sure and made this comment earlier: Community District #9 in the Southeast part, I assume thats Parkchester?

I stand corrected on this point but I had shown earlier I wasnt sure if this was Parkchester. And it turns out it wasnt. HOWEVER the correct areas were Castle Hill, and Unionport as well as Clason Point and Harding River. So thats 4 more towns to the list. Because Castle Hill was on the earlier list, Castle Hill would have the highest priority in that area and would likely be the place getting it first in CD #9.


Bronx, NY
reply to AJ023
What I want to know is what is it going to take to bring FIOS to apartments in the Bronx and the rest of New York City.It seems that Verizon has not found that out yet and that is a shame that they are "learning" as they go deploying their fiber while we "wait".Time is ticking by and I think that if they drag their feet as a company,someone else is gonna leapfrog ahead of em.