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Eureka, CA

Why laptops?

Can they not just make a computer built into a desk, hard top and everything? cheaply? in fact more cheap than a laptop (a decent top of the line laptop).

has anyone here ever taken wood-shop? metal fabrication? you can build a computer into almost anything easily. Give it a clear fibered glass top... stick the monitor below...

the only advantage laptops would have is portability. taking it home to do homework, play some quake (who in their right mind would want to play a FPS on a LCD monitor?), download some mp3's, get that new released movie and play it on their fathers home theater.

I like the effort, but the concept needs to be thought through some more. Maybe actually getting the end results in mind. for example; intellectualism, actually learning in school, idealism. those are great ideas, but simply just ideas right now.

This actually sounds better for a higher learning environment, like high school, or college. I'm sure most college students these days (me included) have a laptop. Most colleges have a hot-spot somewhere (wireless internet). And »dictionary.com »google.com »wikipedia.com are all a click away. this does not replace the book though. are you able to download every great literary work? no. copyrighted. read a math book. no. copyrighted.

are they going to scan every text book (good copies) into a online library? that all students can access, easily? the text book business that currently exists, is quite similar to how most high end software manufacturers work. you have to pay for the newest version. update updates updates.

Ajax, ON

Why not just get some E-book reader. you don't need a fancy laptop.