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San Antonio, TX

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Interesting news post...

I find this news post interesting since the principal at the school where I graduated from this past year and I had a meeting. The school was faced with a dillema of either having to buy tons of text books for its senior theology course with the documents from Vatican II and with the encycials from Pope John Paul II. In order to get those text books, even if there was one which contained all of what was required, probably around a price of $29.99 (rounded to $30, not including tax or shipping), they would need 150 of those. 150x30 = $4500 for textbooks. That is the bare minimum, I'm sure that they would even have to spend quite a bit more than that. Instead, the principal asked me to make 150 copies of the documents that are in the public domain on CD. To make it even easier for those who are a bit inept at computing, I proposed that I would make an "Autorun" thing so that an index of sorts would pop up and for those PDF files, if they do not have Adobe Acrobat, I would include the install for that on there. I am also seeing if I could make it compatible for both windows and macs (the files). I am hoping that there is something I could do for those who only have macs (one of my friends last year only had macs). It should only take me a day or two and it'd save the school quite a bit of money.