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Greenwood, IN

Hope They Have the Bandwidth

If your going to break up T1 over 350 students and maybe 750 students later in the year, then good luck with that.

Capitalism breeds greed
Long Beach, CA

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Where's the...

where's the money going to come from? My wife works as a 1st grade teacher in the Long Beach school district. She always saying that there are no supplies for them to use. She must resort to her/our own money to buy stuff sometimes. This is ridiculous especially for public (K-12) schools. I absolutely do agree however that a computer is a great tool ,but our state (CA) doesn't have the money. My wife has told me that they have the school nurse visit her school once a week. Come on there should be a nurse on staff all of the time. They have cut the social workers from her school too. My wife works for an inner city school and believe me, they need a social worker. The families that these kids come from are f***ed up!

edit: Might i add, her classroom is still using the first generation Imacs too.

Nicholasville, KY
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Re: Hope They Have the Bandwidth

I doubt they will all be using the internet at the same time. I also doubt they would store/access the course work from outside their network, that would be a waste of bandwidth. Just gotta download all the courses to the servers at the beginning of the semester and you are good to go.

They may not have internet access at all without some special access privilages. How much porn would get downloaded the first day? I graduated 5 years ago and I remember the internet being so restricted then that I didn't see much use for it outside actual homework, so I don't see bandwidth being that big an issue. Unless the smart kids figure out how to bypass netnanny

Would be cool to have an automatically updating history book though.
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