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North Richland Hills, TX

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reply to entropy1

Re: What Idiots !!!

said by entropy1:

I teach my child with NO "textbooks", only REAL books, via a public Virtual Academy that I supplement with extra projects. He uses his computer quite a bit and has no real interest in gaming, btw. That's a pretty rotten stereotype. He's learned quite a bit researching his interests and school projects on the internet, plus he knows quite a bit more about e-commerce, scripting, web authoring, etc. than most people do.

Edit: He also knows how to spot a scam, update his antivirus and avoid spyware. He's 7.

I believe that books, paper, pens, pencils, maps, art, science kits...ALL of those goodies...go together with the internet to make for a good education. There have been so many errors found in "textbooks" and so many political interests infused in them that they are better off being done away with.

People are very detached from education in general. Before my son, I tended to look at it in a totally different way.

Now, I see it as a natural process that's really driven by a child's interests (and they ARE interested in more than games if you don't kill those interests with inept "teaching"). No one should force all children to learn from the same stale books. Yuck.

The internet CAN be used as an effective, flexible springboard and basis for a great education without old fashioned boring textbooks.

Good for Arizona.
Very good this is where the learning needs to take place educate and who knows we might get control of this game the internet sooner or later.
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