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Miami, FL
reply to Daniel8802

Re: DCT-6412 Firmware 9.19 Downloaded

Got it down here last night.


Trenton, MI
I have 9.19 also but I don't know what day it updated. I actually have been experiencing MORE problems since the upgrade. I have the DCT6412 connected via DVI>HDMI to my Toshiba set and periodically if I am using the ANT tuner and switch back to the DVI input I would get the black screen with no video and would need to switch back and forth or shut off the TV and then back on again to get the picture back. It seems to happen a lot more frequently now and rarely can I get the picture back without repeated attempts. I always leave the 6412 on and I'm sure it has to do with HDCP and it's handshake but I wish the problem could get corrected.
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