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Olympia, WA

That's what capitolism is all about!

Now in communist countries, this would never happen . . . well at least in theory. Even China has it's haves and have nots! The way I look at it, if ain't profitable, the telcos and cable companies should NOT do it, as it doesn't make good business sense. I always considered living out in the woods, to be a luxury, except in Kentucky and certain portions of Pennsylvania where it's more of a way of life. My brother used to brag about how great life was out in the boonies. He'd joke when it saw 3 or 4 cars on his morning drive, calling it a traffic jam! On the other hand, he'd complain about being stuck with dial-up. I envied him for living in such a peaceful place, and would have swapped places with him in a moment. Some people just expect the best of both worlds.
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