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« most people do not need it
This is a sub-selection from A Right!

My views are my own.
reply to Yakup

Re: A Right!

said by Yakup:

I believe we can live without electricity, phone, or even driving just like without internet.

However today so many businesses rely on internet for their existance I think internet is just like electricity.
There is a flaw with your thinking though. Tell those 12 people that died recently in this heatwave in AZ. It's a necessity to keep water pumping, toilets flushing, fridges working to keep food fresh, I can keep going. But electricty is definetly a necessity.

Phone? Yea.. but still, it's considered a lifeline for emergency purposes. You can purchase a cell phone today and use it for 911 service at no charge. SOme states require that disconnected phones stay active for 911 only use if requested and especially during non-pay temporary disconnect. So phones can go either way.

In this post, I think the general topic is about residential broadband, not business class service either.

Also, to a previous post above, it was mentioned that work relies on internet services for 401K and other services. I do believe that if companies consolodate federally required data and information on a company intranet only delivery system that they must give access at the work place for those with out computers. Or, they have to make it available in another form.

So still, I haven't heard a convincing argument on how the internet is a necessity.