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Hazelwood, MO

Infrastucture is a utility, Service is a luxury

I posted this once and it shows up in My: Post but does not appear in the thread. So I apologize if some see it twice.

Broadband should be considered a utility for 1 reason; barrier of entry. Look at anything that is currently a utility and you will find there is generally one player in town, sometimes 2, and if you are really lucky 3. Sometimes they may even share infrastructure. It is like this simply because you generally can't have 10 electric companies, 10 phone companies, 10 sewer companies, 10 water companies and so on. Economics of the industries, whether it be money or simply the lands ability to support such a thing just isnt there. I predict (hope) broadband will be the same some day for that very reason and the providers of the bandwidth will be completely independent of service providers.

With that in mind I don't in any way shape or form believe it should be subsidized. I fully support the "broadband utility company" fully wiring every home and business. However, being that it is a luxury item and always will be regardless of how much some of you try to say it is soooo important to life it doesnt get turned on if you can't pay the bill. Broadband simply is not and never will be "needed to survive" regardless of how better off you may or may not be with it. Beyond food, water, and air EVERYTHING else is a luxury. One only has to look at nature itself and see how any other animal of this earth lives to know that.